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November 11, 2017

Remembrance Day: Big Questions

10:30 am — Peter Scales with Worship Associate Madelaine Clarke —

Remembrance Day is a time to remember those who died in wartime, and to consider the Big Questions surrounding war and peace. Our November 11th ceremony includes Unitarians who have served and who are serving in the Canadian and other Forces, and speaks to all who never want to see war again.

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November 5, 2017

Honouring Our Ancestors

Rev. Melora Lynngood & Co. with Worship Associate Anna Isaacs —

Some people celebrate All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead around this time of year. Join us for this special Unitarian Universalist service in which we honour our own ancestors – our genetic ancestors as well as our ‘spiritual ancestors;’ the people whose legacy we choose to carry within us. All ages welcome at this service.

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October 29, 2017

Better Together

Rev. Shana Lynngood with Worship Associate Larry Boldt –

Our North American mindset frequently leads us to turn toward individualism. We go it alone all too often.

How different would our world be if instead we were inclined toward seeing our selves and our lives as richer in meaning by finding the ways and places where we connect. What if we go it together?

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October 22, 2017

Healing in the Hard, Hard Times

Christopher Wulff, Ministerial Intern, with Worship Associate Madelaine Clarke –

“Upon the table she lay. We spoke words. We sang songs. We wrapped her and we wept over her. In this place and in this time, we were not alone.”

In the hardest times, we need one another the most and yet we often struggle to know what to do. How do we learn to sit in the space of sorrow and hold another, to offer healing when loss is most profound?

How will we choose to heal the world?


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October 15, 2017

Compassion, Kindness, and Generosity of Spirit

Rev. Melora Lynngood with Worship Associate Oliver Belisle –

The mission of our congregation is to “transform ourselves and our world through compassionate action.”  Our congregations are like dojos for practicing this becoming.

Even as imperfect and wounded people ourselves, how do we become forces of healing ––  in our own lives and in the larger world?


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October 8, 2017

International Healing? Seeking Hope

Rev. Melora Lynngood with Worship Associate: Doug McGinnis ––

So much violence and suffering in our world, much of it due to human-made international and political conflict. What human-made healing is possible?

October 24 is United Nations Day. This Sunday we lift up the work of our Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO), and we look at the broader question of how to find hope in the face of international events that cause us to despair.



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October 1, 2017

The Healing Power of Us

Rev. Shana Lynngood  with Worship Associate Anna Isaacs ––

Often when we envision healing we picture an individual taking steps to get well physically or emotionally after a challenging time.

There is also a collective or communal healing that can take place when a person feels nourished or held by a community, and when a group of people work to make the world a more hospitable place.

Come explore this dimension of healing as we begin the month exploring this theme.




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September 24, 2017

Covenantal Relationship: Trying Again, and Again, and Again .

Rev. Melora Lynngood with Worship Associate Larry Boldt –

Parenting, marriage, friendship, congregational life – our relationships of covenant call us to return to our best selves again and again and again and again… in the face of the unknown, as imperfect human beings, and with imperfect human tools.

Not always easy to do. But worth the striving. And better with the support of community.












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September 17, 2017

Remaking Promises

Christopher Wulff with Worship Associate Oliver Belisle – Jewish philosopher Martin Buber speaks of humans as promise-making, promise-breaking, promise re-making creatures; the making of promises and commitments Buber sees as essential to human nature.

What promises or commitments does our faith call us to offer the world? How do we keep our covenants alive, and who do we include within them?

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September 10, 2017

Shaped by Our Promises

Rev. Shana Lynngood with Worship Associate Doug McGinnis –

This Ingathering Sunday, when we return to a new program year in the life of our church community, we will examine the theme of promise.

In many ways our lives are profoundly impacted by those ideas, ideals, and people to whom we have made promises.

Our commitments and covenants offer us a sense of path and a course to follow. What promises shape your life? How much promise do your promises hold?

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