kids green bannerWe are off on new adventures with our 2016-2017 Curriculum!

Ages 4 to Grades 4: each week, children have the option to choose to participate as a “Forest Guardian” or “Spirit Explorer.”

Forest Guardians: In the forestan almost all outdoor program where children have the opportunity to connect to the interdependent web of which we are a part. The group will spend time in the Nature Playground and the forest, on the open field and our labyrinth. Activities will be varied: from playing cooperative games to practicing mindfulness to celebrating the changing seasons; from enjoying animal visitors to tending plants; from building simple play structures to observing nature close-up. They’ll have a regular routine and planned activities, but plenty of flexibility to focus on discoveries made each week.

kids paint Spirit Arts: a mainly indoor program that revolves around stories that explore spiritual and ethical questions. Activities will be varied: from listening to stories to acting them out, from doing a wide variety of crafts to practicing yoga or tai-chi, from playing cooperative games to practicing mindfulness. They’ll have a regular routine and planned activities, and plenty of time for their creativity to flourish.

Both programs offer ample opportunity for awe and wonder, and aim to develop an understanding of our principles. They are designed to build important life skills such as helping the children become better at listening, more cooperative and community minded, and better able to regulate their own behaviour and (especially for the outdoor group) to manage risk.

Questors (Gr. 5-7): will be true to their name, and explore the BIG questions in life, using a Tapestry of Faith program called Riddle and Mystery. We intend also to keep a question box, so that your children can share their big questions and the group can explore them.

We want the program to be fun and relevant to your children, and we find that philosophizing often goes better with an activity so we’ll spend time each month checking in with what activities they want to do in order to explore those big questions in the best way they can imagine. Do they want to do crafts? Do role plays? Make movies? Play games?questors at work

Junior Youth (Gr. 8 and 9): We are offering the Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education program on alternate Sundays. On non-OWL Sundays, youth can chose to assist with one of our children’s groups, or to visit uU*Uth group. Please read more about the program in general and more specifically about next year.

youth- - chalice yU*Uth (Gr. 9 –12+): Ryan,  Kellina, Jon and Sam will continue as leaders in supporting youth to find ways to meet their own spiritual and religious needs as they consider the congregational theme of the month. In planning the year, we consider the six pillars of youth, as described here.

As well as expressing and supporting one another with their deepest concerns, there will be plenty of time for fun. Youth will be invited to participate in and lead games days, organize and go on field trips, continue with their innovative fun(d)-raisers, and take leadership roles in our Children and Family Chapels.

Please register using the on-line form here.
Once your child is registered, a church name tag will be made for them.