Our Children & Youth Leaders

Faye Mogensen, our Director of Spiritual Exploration and Learning for Children and Youth 

Faye Mogense

Faye enjoys helping all ages explore spiritual and ethical questions, undertake social action projects and learn about other religions. Underlying her approach to programming are four beliefs: that “lightening up” is a big part of enlightenment, that time outdoors is time well-spent, the self-care is important because it gives us energy to help others, and that a safe and nurturing community – especially one that is multi-generational – can help foster personal growth. She delights in working with children both directly and indirectly, by involving adults in the program.

Faye has a Masters of Education with a focus on Storytelling as a Tool for Environmental Education and began serving the congregation at Victoria Unitarian in 2009. Her eclectic background as a mother of three, environmental educator, curriculum writer, storyteller, visual artist, field biologist, yoga practitioner, world traveler and gardener has given her a broad foundation very helpful for directing a Spiritual Exploration and Learning program that is based on the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources. Her first book, Ancient Stories for Modern Times: Fifty Short Wisdom Tales for All Ages, was published in 2016 by Skinner House Press, that includes stories she tells at the church.
Faye warmly welcomes all interested families to try our congregation and the children’s program here. Feel free to contact here at FayeM@victoriaunitarian.ca or 250-744-2695.

Arran Liddel, Youth Program Coordinator
Originally from Scotland, Arran moved to Victoria from Toronto in 2016, to be near the ocean and the trees. His work has focused on building community in youth, intergenerational and multi-cultural settings. He has been involved in training and facilitation on issues related to healthy relationships, sexuality, conflict resolution and restorative justice/practices. He is currently doing a Masters of Divinity, focusing on earth-based spiritualities, at Cherry Hill Seminary.

Our Program Volunteers
… are compassionate and enthusiastic. Many find that working with the children and youth here is a significant part of their spiritual practice. Some are parents; others are caring adults who enjoy the gift of children on a regular or occasional basis. Other adults prefer to offer background support the program, for example, by serving on the programming committee, or by making props for use in our program. We celebrate the range of skills and the many ways people contribute and find joy!
We always have room for more volunteers – it takes many hands to make light work. To inquire about getting involved as a volunteer in the program, please email Faye.