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Connecting with kids: A workshop for all grown-ups in our intergenerational community.

Workshop noon to 2 pm, Sunday, April 22 in the Farmhouse Common Room.

Have you ever wanted to reach out to a child at church, but felt awkward about how to initiate the conversation?  Ever wanted to connect with a youth in our congregation, but have no idea what to say? Do you want to have a more meaningful interaction than complimenting the clothes they are wearing?

One of the gifts of being in a congregation is being in intergenerational community. For adults, this includes the opportunity to connect with kids and youth who are not related to you. Children and youth can offer us a way to see the universe through new eyes. We can share their wonder and awe in their natural world. We can be inspired by their clarity on social justice issues. We can be challenged by their pushing boundaries and demands for change. Our desire to create a world where our children and youth can thrive and shine can help us let go of our fears and desire for what is comfortable to take the risks needed to expand our world beyond what seems possible.

But how do we get there? How do we make connections with children and youth that engage at a deeper level? How can we support them to develop in healthy spiritually engaged ways? In what ways can we, as individuals and as a community, nourish their gifts and energy to make our community a richer, more vibrant place to be for all?

This workshop will not provide all the answers but offer a space to explore these questions and the role of children and youth in our community. We will provide some practical strategies on how to connect with children and youth in meaningful ways and examine what ‘next steps’ we can take that can enrich our own lives while supporting and engaging our young folks.

Childcare available on request.