Innovations Fund




WHAT is the Innovations Fund?

A very generous gift to support program innovation has been offered by Ted Humphreys.  Its purpose is to enhance the program opportunities and operational needs of this spiritual community. The focus of this fund is to support innovation for: Children/Youth, Adult Spiritual Development, Outreach, Music, Membership Development and Worship

The Innovation Fund will provide a means by which opportunities and new ideas may emerge as fresh [new, original, improved] programs and services that add value to congregational life to strengthen spiritual growth, support community, diversity, transforming our ourselves and our world through compassionate action.

Applications (click here for MSWord document or Open With Google Docs available here) will be received from groups and committees within established criteria and timelines with funding available by April. Proposals are invited that are consistent with the annual priorities endorsed by the congregation. Specifically, the Innovation Fund will provide time-limited grants, up to $10,000 to projects that:

  • apply new and different methods to existing programs,
  • scale up successful and innovative programs and services,
  • ‘beta-test’ or experiment with new ideas,
  • foster collaborative approaches to address an issue or opportunity,
  • improve the delivery of current programs and services.

Projects may be one-time expenses or initiatives needing funding for up to three years. Sustaining funding requirements will be a consideration in the selection process.

Applications will be received by the 2017  Innovation Fund Trustees:

Gerry Brimacombe, Al Hoffman, Betty Sherwood, John (Tiff) Tiffany, Lorna Anthony. For more information email the trustees.