Special programs

‘Soul Matters’ Theme Groups

Practices to Transform Ourselves and Our World 

2017-2018 – Monthly Themes

Our themes: Different practices to transform ourselves and our world (recall that our congregation’s mission is to “transform our selves and our world through compassionate action”). Here’s the slate:

September – Promise: the practice of covenant making

October  – Healing: the practice of holding hurt and seeking wholeness

November – Ancestry: the practice of reflecting upon the places and people from which we come

December – Presence: the practice of being

January – Resistance: the practice of standing up for your values

February – Interdependence: the practice of feeling our connection with the larger whole

March – Risk: the practice of trying something that might not work

April – Transformation: the practice of seeking meaningful growth

May – Embodiment: the practice of physical be-ing

June – Joy: the practice of embracing life

As usual, we will delve into our themes in our Sunday worship services.

We plan to offer Soul Matters Small Group sessions January to June. These are facilitated groups of 8 to 10 participants. Each participant spends the month exploring the theme, guided by a packet of rich resources that include provocative questions, spiritual exercises, as well as quotations, videos, suggested movies, books, etc. Participants then meet with their small group at the end of the month to listen and share with fellow seekers. Groups will meet once/month for six sessions, January through June, 2018. Stay tuned for sign-ups!

In the meantime, we’re going to try something different – Theme Exploration sessions. These are stand-alone, one-time, drop-in, open-to-anyone sessions after church. Come to one or both!

Sunday, Oct. 1, 12:15 to 2:15 pm 

Healing:  The practice of holding hurt and seeking wholeness 

Sunday, Nov. 19, 12:15 to 2:15 pm 

Ancestry: The practice of reflecting upon the places and people from which we come 

Open to youth and adults. Childminding available with advance notice. To reserve a spot please email Rev. Melora or call/text Rev. Melora at 250-891-6330.