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The Annual Lecture of the Canadian Unitarian and Universalist Historical Society (CUUHS), Sunday, Oct. 22, 1 pm to 3 pm, live stream in Lion Hall — Reverend Dr. Mark Belletini,  Minister Emeritus,  First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio, will speak on “The Eulogy I Never Gave — Mark Mosher DeWolfe of Canada.”

Reverend Mark Mosher DeWolfe was minister of the Unitarian Congregation of South

Mark Mosher DeWolfe

Peel (renamed the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga) from 1982 to 1988 when he died from AIDS.

Later the University of Toronto Press published a book, based on 10 of Rev. DeWolfe’s sermons, entitled Time to Live: A Unitarian Universalist Perspective, a deep invitation into modern UU theology.

Openly gay, he was an extraordinary advocate for Toronto’s LGBT community, particularly those affected by AIDS in the early days of the outbreak. He also wrote curricula for the Unitarian Universalist Association on diversity and inclusion. The history luncheon at the Canadian Unitarian Council’s annual meeting is named for him, as a former president of the organization.

“I knew Mark before he went to seminary,” says Rev. Belletini.  “I had dinner with him in Bologna. I had the most memorable conversation in my life with him about a month before he died. But although his life intersected with my own in the history of the last century, his life impacted many hundreds besides me. This is a history lecture generated by love as much as study and research.”

The annual lecture of the CUUHS will stream from their event in Toronto.

The CUUHS 2016 Lecture on Lotta Hitschmanova is now available for viewing on Youtube.

To help sponsor the 2017 lecture and other future lectures  please join the Canadian Unitarian and Universalist Historical Society. Membership is $20 for one year; $50 for three years. Cheques should be made out to CUUHS c/o CUC.