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Want to know what’s going on with the 8th principle conversation?

Here are some basic resources to catch you up:

Wording of the 8th Principle as proposed at Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Canadian Unitarian Council (known as the ‘CUC,’ the national Unitarian Universalist denominational organization for Canadians) in May 2021. Note: this wording proposed at the CUC in May differs slightly from the original version. 


We covenant to affirm and promote:

Individual and communal action

that accountably dismantles racism and other oppressions

in ourselves and in our institutions


Sermon, “An 8th Principle?” 

by Rev. Melora, February 14th, 2021, 

Sermon in several parts, starts at 23:36 in service video.

Dismantling Racism Task force report:   From the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC)

Notes the ways in which our congregations are (unintentionally) perpetuating racism and turning away indigenous, black, and people of colour.  

Makes recommendations to UU congregations and to the CUC, including adopting the 8th principle. 

“The Dismantling Racism Survey clearly shows that while some efforts to dismantle racism and other oppressions exist, a gap between our CUC aspirations and reality persists. This is evidenced in another gap between White Canadian UUs’ understanding/ awareness of systemic racism in our faith communities, and the lived realities and experiences of BIPOC Canadian UUs.”

“These gaps indicate that we are not living into our vision of being an inclusive, diverse, and just faith community. Sadly, many BIPOC UUs regularly experience microaggressions and other forms of racism within their congregations and our wider faith movement. Some BIPOC who are drawn to our faith leave because of this, while others choose to stay despite regularly being harmed. Most White UUs experience belonging and comfort in their congregations, while for BIPOC UUs, this experience is elusive.”

The 8th Principle Process: Next Steps

From the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC), our national denominational organization. 

An overview of everything you need to know about the impromptu vote to adopt 8th principle at May Annual General Meeting (AGM), why we need to re-vote in November to properly follow some procedures that were missed in May, and how to prepare for the vote in November. Includes a way to participate in CUC hosted forums (Sept 19, Oct 3, Oct 17, Nov 7), CUC Roundtables (last Saturday of Sept and Oct), and a way to give individual feedback.

First Unitarian Church of Victoria (FUCV) Consultation Team on 8th Principle:

Contact for questions about our own delegates and participation in the CUC vote in November.  

Delegate selection for 27 November CUC vote on the 8th principle

FUCV has been allocated six delegates to the CUC Special Meeting on the 8th Principle. Our delegates to the CUC Annual General Meeting were Rebecca Mellett, Kristina Stevens, Marion Pape, Jim Hemstock, Mollie Twidale and Wally du Temple.

Before the Board selects our six delegates they need to confirm whether there are volunteers prepared to attend the Special Meeting on November 27, 2021. Potential delegates should:

  • Attend a forum at which you listen to input from your fellow congregants about the 8th Principle on Wednesday evening 24 November
  • Attend all three sessions of FUCV’s Expanding the Beloved Conversation on 26 September, 24 October and 21 November (12:15-2:00 PM Sundays)
  • Be well informed of the conversations about the proposed 8th Principle
  • Be clear that you are voting according to congregational instructions rather than voting your conscience
  • Have read the CUC Board’s “The 8th Principle Process: Next Steps
  • Have read the Dismantling Racism Study Group’s Preliminary Report of October 2020 and their Final Report of May 2021
  • If available, attend the CUC-hosted forums to bring congregations together in respectful conversation taking place on four Sundays (September 19, October 3, October 17 and November 7)

If you can attend these sessions and do the reading you may wish to volunteer as a delegate. Volunteers are asked to reply to Jim Willis at

Bottom Line:

Regardless of the wording of the 8th principle, or even whether it passes, 

our Unitarian Universalist congregations have more growing and learning to do 

if we are to be the radically inclusive congregations we long to be.

Wherever you are on this learning journey, 

You are cordially invited to participate in this Fall’s Expanding the Beloved Conversation Program.

Come be a part of the conversation! 

Share your questions, share your learning.  

Let’s learn together how to become the Beloved Community we long to be.