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From 8:30 am to 1:00 pm all members and friends are invited to the annual cleaning-up of various parts of our buildings. Work that needs to be done includes:

• Outside and inside window washing of windows that are easily reached. Also the outside and inside office windows.

• Clearing storage rooms, especially under the Sanctuary and Lion Hall.

• Dusting shelves, ledges, baseboards, lights etc.

• Checking the chairs, to make sure they’re all in good shape.

• Cleaning out window wells in the Lion Hall kitchen.

• Paint touch-ups.

• Mopping / cleaning all bathroom floors and walls and sinks and toilets.

• Cleaning out floor vents.

• Vacuuming carpets.

Please bring vacuums — a minimum of four is required!

Suggestions [?]; please email Property Management Council Chair John Tiffany (Tiff) or phone or text 778-432-0881

We will need some volunteers to set up the coffee/tea ahead of time in the Sanctuary kitchen (not Lion Hall). We also need some baked goodies to be provided by volunteers, to keep the work gang refreshed. Plus we need lots of rags for cleaning.

Any people/committees with items stored in any of the basement storage areas are asked to go label those items for what they want kept before September 27th (so we can quickly toss out unwanted stuff on the actual day and not wait around to see what’s what in these areas).

The more hands on deck the more we can do! Feel free to come by for only one hour, as a lot can get done in that time with a bunch of us.