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A message from our ministers—

How are you adjusting to the “new normal” of Covid-19? As we continue to adjust to the dramatic changes brought about by the physical distancing that helps us stay healthy, we need to find new ways of socially connecting.

It is our hope to offer some regular times of check in via Zoom as well as to reach out to the community in many ways in the coming weeks (and likely months?!).

In this hour check-in we will have opening words, chalice lighting, a chance to share a bit of what is on our hearts, and a time of meditation and prayer.  

Remember that zoom has a phone call in option – you don’t need a computer. Please share this news with those you know who might be interested. We hope to connect with all of you on Sunday mornings, as well as in virtual meetings, in virtual gatherings, and at other times throughout the days ahead. Keep an eye on the church calendar, website, newsletter, and EWeekly.

If you are in need of pastoral care personally don’t hesitate to call or text one of us on our cell phones to arrange a one-on-one conversation. Rev. Shana 250-891-6331 and Rev. Melora 250-891-6330. We are here for you, even if the way in which we can be here for you has shifted.

Wishing you moments of peace and connection in this shifting landscape of our shared life.

Love and blessings,
Rev. Shana & Rev. Melora