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October 20, 2019

Going It Together

Rev. Shana Lynngood with Worship Associate Shelly Motz and the Chalice Choir with Guest Conductor Brian Tate —
On this Sunday, as we make our 2020 financial pledges in support of this congregation, we look at the meaning of community. 

There is a growing isolation epidemic, and loneliness abounds throughout our world with fewer and fewer people able to say they have close friends. If we human beings are indeed social creatures and can only find solutions to the biggest problems that face us together – why do we so often “go it alone”? What can belonging to this congregation do to point us in the opposite direction

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October 13, 2019

Dual Faith Combo (with a side of fries)

Rev. Melora Lynngood with Worship Associate Morgan Reid — UU Jews, UU Buddhists, UU Christians, UU Hindus…

Our Unitarian Universalist faith welcomes people of a wide variety of beliefs and traditions.  What are the joys of living a dual faith life within our UU congregations? What are the challenges?  How does it affect one’s sense of belonging within a UU congregation?  And what are the challenges for us, as a community, as we strive to create space and spiritual depth for all? 

How do we walk the fine line between drawing on the wisdom of the world’s traditions and cultural misappropriation?  How do we advocate for multi-faith appreciation in our larger community?

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October 6, 2019

We Belong to a History (a UU theology sermon)

Rev. Shana Lynngood with Worship Associate Lynne Bonner — 

As we begin to explore what it means to be a people of belonging, we start by remembering that our congregation is part of a longer and larger history. 

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September 29, 2019

An Intergenerational Web of Intentional Care

Rev Melora Lynngood and Arran Liddel, Director of Spiritual Exploration and Learningwith Worship Associate Oliver Belisle – Some say that meaning in life can be found when we allow ourselves to care about others.

When others matter to us, and when we matter to others, we become a part of one another’s stories. We carry one another around in our hearts and minds. This is part of what we do in church community. 

We care for one another. Whether you walked in the door for the first time, or whether you are a dear friend, whether you are 5, 55, or 95, we care about one another’s struggles and delights, we wish one another well. Thus we are knit together in the interdependent web that holds us all. 

In this service for all ages, we explore how we can nurture this web of care with mindful intention.

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September 22, 2019

Beneficiaries of a Genocide

Michelle Brown with Worship Associate Susan Layng – “Drive to work all day, try to sleep at night / Beneficiary of a genocide.” These lyrics, from “Beneficiary,” by Wintersleep, can be uncomfortable to grapple with. This was the kind of grappling done during the sustained dialogues on “Reconciliation and Relationship” we hosted for Victoria Unitarian Universalists and guests in the spring of 2019.

This service will include elements of reflection and response to this song, and on our personal and collective paths of reconciliation. Michelle’s homily will address her experience co-facilitating these sustained dialogues, both at the church and at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria.

Michelle Brown is a Cree Métis poet, performer, and homilist. She is a member of the Advisory Council at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (UVic) and a retired treaty negotiator.

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September 15, 2019

Setting a Path for Our Lives

Rev Shana Lynngood with Worship Associate Samantha Magnus — 

Many spiritual teachers speak about the importance of setting an intention for our days, and therefore, our lives.

What does that mean? How do we react when we do well at living a we intend and how do we forgive ourselves when we fall short?

Since modern life often encourages us to live quickly and somewhat obliviously, how might a sense of intention help us find greater purpose?

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September 8, 2019

Love Calls

Rev Melora Lynngood with Worship Associate Lynne Bonner — We begin the “church year” by looking at “intention.”

At the Unitarian Universalist (UU) General Assembly, one speaker phrased it as a question for daily spiritual practice: “How is Love calling me to act in this world today?” How would you answer that each day? How might we answer that question as a UU community?

One of the things we UUs are being called to at this moment in our history is a deep dive into anti-oppressive, anti-colonialist, multi-cultural, diversity-affirming work. It requires openness and humility.

We are striving to be a learning community rather than a learned community. We are learning about ‘micro-aggressions,’ ‘white fragility,’ and to be sensitive to the dynamic interplay between intent and impact. 

We are learning how to do effective bystander interventions — how to stand up for one another when one among us is being targeted for a marginalized identity (e.g., immigrant, transgender, Indigenous, Muslim, Jewish…) The rise of identity-based violence and wall-building xenophobia is making this world a scary place for all of us. How can we band together across differences and answer the call of love?

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September 1, 2019

What Is Mine to Do

Rev. Carrie Hunter with Worship Associate Kressa Sisu — Behind the creative power of every human mind is a better way to think and a better way to live.

More than ever, as we look at the world today, we may be longing for this – not just for ourselves but for every living being. That can feel overwhelming. How does one person make a difference?

Rev. Carrie Hunter takes us on a journey of self-discovery with this presentation. She has been a Science of Mind minister for 15 years and practitioner for 22 years. Rev. Hunter also has a background in journalism, film and television and as a communications consultant. She is presently the Senior Minister for the Centre for Spiritual Living, Victoria.

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August 25, 2019

Blessing of the Animals

Rev. Melora Lynngood with Worship Associate Doug McGinnis – Come one, come all! Come bipeds, come quadrupeds! Dogs, cats, gerbils, lizards, fish, teddy bears — all are welcome! 

In this service, we honour the gifts that animals bring to our lives. Bring your pets (appropriately leashed or

caged), beloved stuffed animals, or mementos of your pets (e.g. if your cat would not enjoy such an outing, bring a photo and its favourite toy or collar.) 

There will also be a time to remember the pets we have lost: bring photos and mementos of any beloved animal companion you would like to remember with a candle lighting. 

This is a participatory service for all ages – kids are welcome to stay for the whole service.

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August 11, 2019

Spiritual but not Religious?

Dan Klimke with Worship Associate  Madelaine Clarke – As Unitarian Universalist’s, many of us identify with the phrase “spiritual but not religious,” a popular expression used to self-identify a life-stance of spirituality that takes issue with organized religion as the sole or most valuable means of furthering spiritual growth.

Turns out, this is the fastest growing faith identity in North America.

But what does it really mean? Where does Unitarian Universalism fit with “spiritual but not religious?” What role does or should community play in support of those identifying as spiritual but not religious?

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