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Sanctuary at 6 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm) – A multi-course gourmet Indian dinner prepared by the International Woman’s Catering Co-op, followed by a multimedia presentation and Bollywood dancing.

Child Haven, founded in 1985, operates nine homes for 1,100 destitute children – six in India, and one each in Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh. It also helps a few children in Afghanistan and Bhutan as well as 48 elderly people.

Child Haven has a SoyaCow Centre, a Family Planning Awareness Program and a Women’s and Children’s Literacy Program, all in Ghaziabad. (Child Haven International is a registered not-for-profit charity, funded largely by donations from dinners such as this one. See

Tickets: $45, available in Lion Hall prior to the event, or contact: Christine Johnston (250-385-5444), Hanny Pannekoek (250-385-2299) or Mariko Matsumoto (250-592-8016). Enjoy an evening of Indian dining and entertainment while supporting this worthwhile cause.