Minecraft: Alternative energy

Image: Minecraft trees by Quer POl from Pixabay Our Minecraft group will work together to decide what is important in a community. They will then collaboratively design their ideal town and decide how to fuel it using alternative energy sources.

Over eight weeks the participants will explore how their values inform what is important in a community and will study five different forms of alternative energy. Participate will research and decide what is best to fuel various features of their town, advocating for the solutions they think best (factoring cost, aesthetics, and impact). The plans selected by the group, and approved by the ‘Mayor’ (program leader) will be implemented. We will also examine what alternative energy sources are being used in our city/municipalities and compare how well they are doing.

Alternative energy sources we will study are:

  • BioFuel/Biomass
  • Geothermal
  • Solar
  • Tidal/ Wave
  • Wind


We will meet on Saturday from 9.30 – 10.30 am, from October 31 until December 19. The group will work together in a team (depending on the number of children registered). Participants are asked to commit to attend most or all of the sessions.

Note: This program is open to a maximum of 18 participants

Technical requirements

We will be using both Zoom and Minecraft at the same time. A computer screen with Zoom minimized (to see the speaker) and Minecraft maximized will work. Two screens/devices would also work.

  • Device(s) with stable internet connection
  • Minecraft Java Edition – version 1.16.2 (Note: phone/tablet editions of Minecraft are not compatible)
  • Basic knowledge of Minecraft – we will not be doing any Minecraft lessons… We will have kids with different skill levels working together.