SPACE Program (Kindergarten – Grade 3)

Image of galaxy coming out of a mason jar.

The Theme for October is: What Does It Mean to Be a People of Belonging.

In the midst of all the talk of belonging this month, I hope you and your children find yourself especially grateful for the space of connection and belonging that you’ve carved out for each other.

October 6: Belonging to a Story
What story do we belong to? In this session, we will focus on inclusion and how to include others in our lives. Join us for storytelling, meditation, and songs about where we all fit in.

October 13: Belonging to Yourself
Who are you? This week we will be focusing on how each person is special and should be celebrated! Through crafts, games, and stories, children will explore what it means to be unique.

October 20: Belonging and Not Belonging 
How do we set ourselves free when we feel we don’t belong? In this session, we will be focusing on how to identify what belongs in certain places and what doesn’t, and also touch on bullying. How do you help your friends so everyone feels a sense of belonging?

October 27: Belonging to the World
We are all interconnected. From humans to plants to animals, we all belong on this Earth and need to understand where we belong. Join us for this exploration of interconnectivity through stories, games, and art.

The Theme for November is: What Does It Mean to Be a People of

In the midst of all the talk of attention this month, I hope you and your children’s attention also finds its way to gentle wishes of your innermost self and to the nourishing stories that feed and sustain us.

November 3 – Attention to Inner Self
What is a prayer? Join us this week to make our own UU Chalices and bring attention to our inner self through prayer and spirituality.

November 10 – Attention to the Needs of Others
How can we understand what other people need? Join us for songs, stories, and activities that reflect the importance of listening to the needs of others, and what we can do to better understand them.

November 17 – Turning Attention to the Now
How can we be mindful? Join us this week for meditation, games, and activities that allow us to centre ourselves and be mindful of our everyday lives.

November 24 – Attention to the Beauty Around Us
How do we pay attention to all that is around us? Join us for crafts, songs, and stories about gratitude and appreciation of the world around us. **NOTE: Dress for the weather! We will be going outside.