SPACE Program (K-Gr 3)

Image of galaxy coming out of a mason jar.


The Theme for June is: What Does It Mean to be a People of Beauty.

Our own Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, The world is not painted or adorned, but is from the beginning beautiful; and God has not made some beautiful things, but Beauty is the creator of the universe.” The Quaker theologian Rufus Jones writes, “Beauty has no function, no utility… It greases no wheels, it bakes no puddings. It is a gift of sheer grace, a gratuitous largesse. It must imply behind things a Spirit that enjoys beauty for its own sake and that floods the world everywhere with it… Our joy in it shows that we are in some sense kindred to the giver and revealer of it.”

We are reminded that beauty is not just an elegantly painted portrait. It is also the artistic force of the universe that is constantly painting us. Pulling out the elegance in each of us and the world around us to create the portrait that is life.

June 2: Beauty of Flowers

We will explore the beauty of flowers, we will have a StoryWalk ‘Planting a Rainbow’, flower meditation and plant flowers in the nature playground.

June 9: All-Ages Service – Beautiful Traditions

This Sunday, there will be an all-ages service in which we will reflect on the transitions we have been through in the last year. All welcome!  

June 16: Beauty of Outdoors – All-Ages

Join us for the last day of our programming year… Games Day!  We will be playing games outside that expand understanding of being a “People of Beauty” through kinesthetic learning and delighting in the natural world.

June 23 – September 1: Summer break

Programs will Resume on September 8. Over the summer Lion Lounge will be available.