SPACE Program (K-Gr 5)

Image of galaxy coming out of a mason jar. For our Kindergarten to grade 5 students, we offer our Spirited Play and Creative Exploration (SPACE) program. This program will be based on the same monthly themes the adults will explore in the Sanctuary, through small groups and other activities. Children will gather together to light their chalice and check in before splitting up to explore two different aspects of the weekly theme. They will rejoin for a snack and closing activities at the end of the session.

*** There will be frequent outdoor time, so remember to bring weather appropriate clothing.***

Theme for September: Vision

September 23: Seeing Through One Another’s Eyes – Intergenerational Services

Part of our vision as Unitarian Universalists is to tend to one another, and our shared interdependent web of existence, with compassion and care.
Listening to one another — learning one another’s stories and struggles — helps unleash the natural empathy that can flow between us, laying the groundwork for deeper, more meaningful relationship, empowering us all to work together to care for the larger earth we share.

September 30: The 10 Year Vision

This week we will learn about a story called The 10 Year Vision. It is about the vision of Thomas Potter to spread the word of Love. It is about John Murray who started Universalism. This is a story about Unitarian Universalism, our religion, and how it began in North America… And because the wind was such a big part of this tale we will make some pinwheels for peace!

Theme for October: Sanctuary

October 7: Church as Sanctuary

Our first session on Sanctuary lifts up actual worship sanctuaries and the importance of place. Many congregations call their main meeting room, a sanctuary. This session helps our children understand why these rooms are called a sanctuary, and how their own Sharing Circles can be a sanctuary of sacred space. We will also explore the very current ‘New Sanctuary Movement’ and the way people can be sanctuaries and shelters for each other.

October 14: World as Sanctuary

We explore our earth and interdependent web as a sanctuary that supports and sustains us all. This lens gives us a way to celebrate the work of wildlife and animal sanctuaries and those congregations who have become Green Sanctuary churches.

October 21: Inner Sanctuaries

We explore Sanctuary as a place of inner quiet. This type of Sanctuary is especially important as an antidote to the world of multitasking, social media, and information overload. This is one of our faith’s greatest gifts: providing the tools and companions to help us all navigate through the noise and find our inner sanctuaries within.

October 28: Samhainn – Intergenerational Service

Samhainn is a Celtic celebration to mark the start of winter. A time to take stock of the resources we have to sustain us through the longest nights, to share the warmth of the sacred fire and to find Sanctuary in community past and present. This first night of winter is when the ancestors and spirits are closest. Disguises were worn to confuse malevolent spirits when travelling at night. To honour this tradition, costumes are most welcome (for folks of all ages).