SPACE Program (K-Gr 5)

Image of galaxy coming out of a mason jar.

In our SPACE Program children from Kindergarten – Grade 5 will meet together. Some weeks the group will split according to age, other weeks we will split according to activities and some weeks we will stay together in one big group. 

The Theme for February is: What Does It Mean to Be a People of Resilience?

February 2: Finding Resilience Through our Grit

February 9: Finding Resilience Through Each Other

February 16: Togetherness and Resilience – All Ages service 

No World religion program today – Arran Liddel and Rev. Shana Lynngood will lead an all-ages celebration of resilience will appreciate our individual ability to bounce back and move forward, as well as the ways we can do so, even more, when we have company.

February 23: Finding Resilience Through Humour

The Theme for March is: What Does It Mean to Be a People of Wisdom?

March 1: Understanding the Wisdom of Simplicity
Join us this week for crafts and stories on understanding how the basic things in life can bring us joy.

March 8: Remembering the Sources of our Living Tradition
Join us this week for activities on UU history and traditions.

March 15: Remembering that Stories Teach Us a How to Live Well-Lived Life
Join us this week for books and activities on storytelling.

March 22: Outdoor Games
We will explore wisdom through games and kinesthetic activities.

March 29: Remembering that Our Bodies Know What They Know
Join us this week for meditation and activities on connecting with our bodies and understanding what they are telling us.