SPACE Program (K-Gr 5)

Image of galaxy coming out of a mason jar.

Theme for November: Memory

The theme comes from the idea that we should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us so that we can achieve our full potential as we move forward. Whatever we have lost, forgotten, forgone, or been stripped of can be reclaimed, revived, preserved, and perpetuated.

This month, we, too, are using this idea of reaching back to structure our sessions.  All four are about reclaiming and remembering things of great value:

November 4: Looking back at our favorite festive memories

The aim of our first session is to share our fondest festive memories. We discuss a few renowned festivals across the globe and explore their traditions and symbols.

Since this week is around Diwali – an Indian festival of lights, we learn how families across the world celebrate this time.

K-5 leaders: Darcy and Ekta

November 11:  Sankofa – Remember the Past to Move Forward

Our second session explores the symbol and meaning of Sankofa, highlighting the importance of returning to the past to retrieve stories and wisdom we have missed. We focus on how our movement is now retelling our UU history to include stories that we left out, such as the story of Joseph Jordan, the first African American Universalist preacher who faced UU racism that kept him from having his theological school for black preachers funded. It’s a reminder for us all how a brave and honest retelling of our past mistakes is essential for becoming the people we want to be.

K-5 leaders: Darcy and Gita

Nov 18 – Artist-in-Residence – Note: Session will run late (will end approx 1 pm)
Our group will be lead by our indigenous artist in residence, Maureen Gruben, who will talk about her Art and community. She will also teach children and youth to make an art project using sealskin – a material very important to her community. This session is open to all children and youth. Parents are also welcome to join in either for the whole session (leave with the children after the time for all ages) or after the service. Light lunch provided.
An alternative activity will be provided for children who would prefer to do something else (until regular end time 11.45am).

K-5 leaders: Darcy, Marion, and Ekta

November 25: Remembering our values in a world where buying stuff is more important than being good people.

We look beyond our consumerist culture’s love of money and stuff and work to remember what really matters. To counter the Black Friday and Holiday buying messages all around us, we share the “Deck the Halls” activity which empowers the children to clean and decorate the halls for the Winter Holiday season with simple, child-centered materials.

K-5 leaders: Ekta and Marion

Theme for December: “What Does It Mean to be a People of Mystery?”

To create the holiday mood, we go crazy with the hustle and bustle of parties, gifts, decor, merriment, and services. And yet at the center of the season sits the symbol of the opposite of busyness: The quiet flame of a candle standing out against the deepening of the night, capturing the mystery that it often takes darkness and silence for us to perceive, hear and connect to what matters most. Taking us to this mysterious space of clarity and connection is what this month’s sessions are all about

December 2: Let the Mystery Be

In this session, we invite our children into the practice of connecting to gratitude and appreciation.

K-5 leaders: Ekta and Gita

Optional: Intergenerational Art Salon

Sarah Harris is leading and intergenerational Art Salon for anyone age 6 and up in the Farmhouse Common room. Different materials and mediums will be available to try out. Anyone interested is welcome to come and have tea, experiment, chat and listen to music.

Leaders: Sarah and Anna

December 9: The Mystery All Around Us

The second session invites our children into the practice of connecting to the miraculous in the ordinary.

K-5 leaders: Ekta and Marion

December 16: The Mystery of Us 

For the third session, we invite our children into the practice of connecting to the divine in others and ourselves.

K-5 leaders: Darcy, Ekta, Anna, and Marion

*** Dec 16 is the last day of children’s programming for the winter holidays. Programs will resume Jan 6***


Friday, Dec 21: Winter Solstice: Winter Quiet
Gathering at 4 pm; ritual begins at 4:45 pm

Gather in the Lion Hall at 4 pm for pizza and simple craft activities.  At 4:45 pm, we’ll move into the Sanctuary to begin our ritual by the light of a single candle at the centre of a spiral of evergreen boughs. Followed by hot apple cider in the Lion Hall when the ritual is complete. Children and youth are invited to bring small special objects that give them comfort or warmth in the winter nights that will be placed in the spiral before the ritual begins (they can be collected at the end).
All are welcome.


Monday, Dec 24: Christmas Eve Intergenerational Service at 4.30 pm

The Christmas story is so familiar that we have it memorized; and many have even become somewhat numb to its magic and charms because of its annual retelling. And yet, it has within it many mysteries and much beauty. In this intergenerational service, we will explore how to hear the story anew and seek a fresh connection to the message and the possibility it contains. All are welcome.