SPACE Program (K-Gr 5)

Image of galaxy coming out of a mason jar.

In our SPACE Program children from Kindergarten – Grade 5 will meet together. Some weeks the group will split according to age, other weeks we will split according to activities and some weeks we will stay together in one big group. 


The Theme for November is: What Does It Mean to Be a People of Attention?

November 3 – Attention to Inner Self

What is a prayer? Join us this week to make our own UU Chalices and bring attention to our inner self through prayer and spirituality.

November 10 – Attention to the Needs of Others

How can we understand what other people need? Join us for songs, stories, and activities that reflect the importance of listening to the needs of others, and what we can do to better understand them.

November 17 – Turning Attention to the Now

How can we be mindful? Join us this week for meditation, games, and activities that allow us to centre ourselves and be mindful of our every day lives.

November 24 – Attention to the Beauty Around Us

How do we pay attention to all that is around us? Join us for crafts, songs, and stories about gratitude and appreciation of the world around us.
**NOTE: Dress for the weather! We will be going outside.

The Theme for December is: What Does It Mean to Be a People of AWE?

December 1st: Exploring the amazement of things around us.

This week we will be slowing down to observe and tap into the world around us. Join us for art and meditation that helps us practice paying attention to the amazing things around us!

December 8th: Exploring the amazement looking at the stars.

How do we notice the vastness of the night sky? Join us this week for stories and crafts exploring our universe.

December 15th: Exploring the amazement we get from knowing we are not alone.

How are we connected with others? Join us for our final week of programs before the winter break for games, stories, and activities about interconnectivity.

December 21: Winter Solstice: Winter Quiet Spiral Ritual

Gathering at 4:15 pm; the ritual begins at 5:15 pm. All ages (children, adults, elders, all!) are welcome.

December 22nd: Holiday Craft Day

Join us for games and to make some holiday crafts.

The Theme for January is: What Does It Mean to Be a People of Integrity?

January 5: Pajama Party

Join us for a relaxing winter morning in PJ’s. We’ll have milk, cookies, and games.