SPACE Program (K-Gr 5)

Image of galaxy coming out of a mason jar.

In our SPACE Program children from Kindergarten – Grade 5 will meet together. Some weeks the group will split according to age, other weeks we will split according to activities and some weeks we will stay together in one big group. 

The Theme for September is: What Does It Mean to be a People of Intention.

Intention is different from setting goals or resolutions in that it “pulls us into” who we truly are. Goals and resolutions “push us out” into future possibilities.  In our first session we will have an outdoor games day to celebrate our intention to have fun while we learn this year. To set intentions, we listen to our inner voice which tells us who we truly are, and so our second session offers components for accessing our inner voice.

With intentions, failure is expected and a part of life. Intentions are part of who we truly are, and so when we make a mistake, we return to who we truly are and try again. Only the enlightened Buddha is perfect, says one source, so get over making mistakes. This is why mistakes are the theme of Session 3. Session 4 offer opportunities to put intentions into action by “Doing the Best We Can.”

Sept 8: Outdoor Games

Join us for the first day of our programming year… Games Day! We will be playing games outside that expand understanding of being a “People of Intention” through kinesthetic learning and delighting in the natural world.

Sept 15: Accessing our Inner Voice

Where is our inner voice? How do we find it? How does our inner voice help us set good intentions? We will explore these through art, mindfulness and games. 

Sept 22: Making Mistakes

Other religions have rituals for acknowledging mistakes and asking for forgiveness, such as the Catholic practice of Confession and Reconciliation, and the Jewish Days of Atonement. What do we UU’s have to reconcile when we make mistakes? Our children and youth will come up with their mistakes ritual!

Sept 29: Doing the Best We Can

Through songs and games we will explore how to get back to our intentions after making mistakes or getting distracted.