SPACE Schedule

For the foreseeable future, we will meet on Zoom. If it becomes safe to meet in person before March we will discuss with enrolled families to see if they prefer to meet in person or to finish the program on Zoom.

January 10: Shades of People

Join us for our first session in our anti-racism curriculum. During this session, kids will have an opportunity to notice shades of their skin, appreciate all skin colours and get comfortable with discussing the differences they notice. We will use stories, drawing and activities to deepen our learning.

January 17: My Family, My Home, My Identity

Join us as we discuss and learn about how everyone has multiple identities. We will use stories, drawing activities, and games to appreciate these identities, and understand that it might be a big loss if someone tried to deny one of our identities.

January 24: My Church, My Beliefs

This session focuses on the fourth principle of growing in our “ongoing search for truth and meaning” by emphasizing the truth of respecting the dignity and worth of all people. We will also explore the concepts of “black lives matter”, why our faith supports “black lives matter” and the meaning behind it. We will use stories, songs and crafts to help us learn and open up new perspectives.

February 7: My City, My Community, My World

February 14: Looking at Other

February 21: Empathy

March 7: What Are the Possibilities

March 14: Who Are ‘They’?

March 28: Looking At Freedom

April 11: Residential Schools 

April 18: Is Canada Racist?

April 25: Does It Matter What It Is Called? (Historical monuments/street names, etc)

May 2: Equality vs Equity

May 9: Stereotyping part 1

May 16: Stereotyping part 2

May 23: All Ages Service?

May 30: Responding to Bias

June 6: Eighth Principle

June 13: Reflection On Our Journey

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