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Summer Camps

In collaboration with other UU congregations in the Pacific Northwest, we are offering summer camp again this year! Save the dates:

June 28 – July 2: Wizard Camp (ages 5-13)

Spend a week in the world of wonder, magic, play, and UU values.

Looking for a safe way to play this summer? UUWA is a virtual wizarding program — a week of fun and fantasy for kids, rooted in values of justice, action, unity, worth, courage, and possibility.

Young wizards from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, the US, and Canada, will convene for Univelarian University of Wizarding Arts (or UUWA for short)!

Our campus will meet virtually from June 28 through July 2, with an optional in-person outdoor gathering on Wednesday, June 30. Each day will be filled with magic, play, adventure, imagination, and justice, based on UU values. Every wizard, ages 5-13, will receive a package of supplies for their house meetings and classes over the week.

We strive to create a program that is engaging and inspiring for the participants and easy and hands-off for the adults!

The week will kick off with a sorting ceremony on Monday morning and close with a graduation celebration on Friday evening. Days will run from 9-11 and 1-3 pm. There will be additional optional time for socializing during the lunch break. On Wednesday evening, we will gather together with the campuses across North America.

August 16 – 20: Rainbow Path: Our UU Principles (kindergarten – grade 3)

We are so excited to bring back the Rainbow Path week of Camp!

In this week of camp, we’ll use the colors of the rainbow, art, and music to explore our Unitarian Universalist principles. Over the course of our week together, children will create self-portraits, use tissue and wax paper to create ‘stained glass,’ make handprint doves, and more! Children will learn favorite Unitarian Universalist hymns, like “Spirit of Life,” and “Love Will Guide Us.”


Rainbow Path will run from August 16-20, 2021, with three sessions per day (exact times TBD, likely 9 – 9.30 am, noon – 1 pm, and 2.30 – 3.00 pm each day). There’ll be a combination of on and offline activities, with no more than 2 hours online per day.

August 16 – 20: Minecraft Camp Good Trouble! (grade 3 +)

Our Minecraft group will work together to will explore how social justice movements around the world influenced positive changes in society or in a community.

Over the week of camp, the participants will work together as a team to:

  • Learn about social justice movements across history.
  • Research important person(s) across various social justice movements and their role within those movements.
  • Understand important social justice movements, the leaders, and the purpose behind them.
  • Explore how to make meaningful choices to influence positive change.


The group will run from August 16 – 20, 2021 with three sessions per day, exact times to be confirmed (likely 9 – 9.45 am, noon – 1 pm, and 2.30 – 3.00 pm each day). There will be a combination of on and offline activities, with no more than 2.5 hours online per day. Participants are asked to commit to attending most or all of the online sessions.

Note: This program is open to a limited number of participants – sign-up early!

Advance registration required for all the camps – Find out more