OWL Grade 10 -12

  • Sexual Health-Learning About Our Bodies
  • Sexual Health-Taking Care of Our Sexual Selves
  • Sexual Health-Making Safer Choices
  • Lifespan Sexuality-Exploring Our Sexual Development
  • Lifespan Sexuality-Becoming a Parent
  • Lifespan Sexuality-Expressions of Sexuality
  • Building Healthy Sexual Relationships-Communication
  • Building Healthy Sexual Relationships-Intimacy, Masturbation, and Lovemaking
  • Building Healthy Sexual Relationships-Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships
  • Sexuality and Social Issues-Reproductive Rights
  • Sexuality and Social Issues-Power and Control
  • Sexuality and Social Issues-Equality

OWL for those in grades 10 - 12 will run on Friday evening till Sunday afternoon over three weekends.

There is a mandatory orientation for parents on the evening of January 25. If you would like to enrol your youth and cannot make the orientation date please email Arran@VictoriaUnitarian.ca as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements.

Class Dates:

January 25 - Orientation for parents and guardians
January 25 - 27
March 1 - 3
May 24 - 26


A graduation ceremony will be held in the service on June 9, where children and youth from all OWL programs will receive their certificates of completion. All welcome.

December 2, at noon in the Farmhouse Common Room, First Unitarian Church of Victoria Registration not required.

Fees include all meals & materials

Non-member fee for participation in the program is $225. This covers materials, food, and accommodation for the two sleepover weekends.

The fee for members is $75, which will offset some of the costs for supplies.

If the fee is a barrier to participation email arran@victoriaunitarian.ca to make a confidential request to have the fee reduced. We are committed to making the program accessible to as many as possible.

Registration in advance is required for this program.

Register Now


Youth will sleep in the church - they will bring sleeping bags, sleeping mats, pillows etc. A more detailed list of suggested items will be sent out prior to the first sleepover.

If your youth does not want to sleep in the church you are welcome to pick them up after the sessions and drop them off in the morning.


Youth will cook meals together and we will try to accommodate any dietary requirements that we are notified of in advance. Youth are welcome to bring additional snacks if needed (no food should be eaten in sleeping areas).

For more information please contact Arran@VictoriaUnitarian.ca