Information for Parents and Guardians

Our Program is Co-operative:childrens_art
We invite you to share your gifts. It could mean:

  • Participating on the Spiritual Exploration and Learning Team
  • Leading or assisting with one of the children or youth groups, on a rotational basis
  • Preparing snacks
  • Helping plan and run multi-generational events: picnics, coffee-houses, hikes or other
  • Helping plan or lead special music, art or social justice sessions
  • Taking and managing photos and videos
  • Helping with administration or communications
  • Caring for our library
  • Improving arts and aesthetics in the Children’s Wing
  • Helping create our Nature Playground
  • Letting us know about your talent or passion – and we’ll find a way for you to share it.

We suggest that you:

  • attend regularly – or come as often as you can. It will help your child feel at home here, and enhance understanding of the curriculum.
  • reflect on church time with your children – we’ll let you know about the topics they explore.

We ask that you:

  • after visiting three times, complete the registration and health information form and update it annually. In between, please let the Director of Spiritual Exploration know of any changes to your information.
  • read the Covenant with your children.
  • familiarize yourself with Wee Care procedures, if you have children there.

Parents’ Circle
In past years, parents have joined together to create a warm and supportive environment we’ve called “Parents’ Circle,” meeting monthly to share thoughts and concerns about parenting in a Unitarian Universalist context. The circles formerly took place during Sunday worship service, and were open to any interested parents, whether new to the church or a long-term member.

If a circle like this appeals to you, please contact Arran. 


The Spiritual Exploration and Learning Program is funded by the entire  congregation through our annual canvass in October, and other fundraisers. Please support the congregation to the best of your ability.

Office Phone: 250-744-2665
Arran’s Phone: 250-744-2695
Email Arran 
We welcome you, whoever you are.