POP – Parents of Preschoolers

POP offers a weekly pre-recorded video (about 3 minutes long) and a short/simple worksheet that focuses on incorporating spirituality and UU principles and values into everyday family culture.  We will also have an optional monthly check-in/ discussion time where we can chat about anything that came up in the videos or anything else that has come up over the month (times to be established).

If you would like to join the program, receive the videos and worksheets and/or join the monthly discussion group please email Arran.

POP Course Outline 2020 – 2021

Please note that because POP is in development this year, monthly themes and session names may be subject to change.


October 2020: Family Culture

Session 1: What Do We Value?

Session 2: Show & Tell

Session 3: Doing Together

November 2020: Living with Preschoolers

Session 1: A Deeper Meaning

Session 2: Patterns

Session 3: Methods of Connection

December 2020: Building Rituals

Session 1: The Elements of CALM

Session 2: A CALM Ritual

Session 3: Finding Your CALM

January 2020: Storytelling

Session 1: Tell Me Again

Session 2: Your Sacred Stories

Session 3: Once Upon A Time…

February 2021: At the Table

Session 1: Why We Gather

Session 2: Questions

Session 3: We Are Makers

March 2021: Let’s Play

Session 1: Pete and Repeat

Session 2: Light Bright

Session 3: Imagine This

April 2021: Sleep Tight

Session 1: The Witching Hour

Session 2: Comfort and Connection

Session 3: Say the Magic Words

May 2021: Teaching and Learning

Session 1: Who Were You?

Session 2: Eat, Play, Rest

Session 3: How to Be

June 2021: What’s Next?

Session 1: Reflecting

Session 2: To Be Continued

Session 3: Onward