Trans Youth Group

Transgender_Pride_flagAll gender-fluid, non-binary, two-spirit and trans-identified youth (grade 6 – 12) are welcome to join our monthly spirituality group on the last Thursday of each month (usually) – No experience or religious affiliation required! The group will be led by trans-identified people and topics will include:

  • Exploring what is unique about trans-spirituality: What unique gifts can we offer the world?
  • Examining images of trans-ness in various religions: Where can we find gender-changing saints, gender-fluid gods and gender-shifting shamans?
  • Learning spiritual practices: When can mindfulness, meditation, affirmations (and more) help us discover more about ourselves and cope with challenges in our lives?
  • Creating rituals for trans experiences: How can we mark life events that are important to us and our journey?

There will be lots of space for the group to choose topics of interest – could be anything related to spirituality… bring your ideas and questions.

For more information email: