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Neighbourhood Group leaders, by points per capita:

  1. Royal Oak East        67
  2. James Bay                45
  3. Royal Oak West        42
  4. Gordon Head           38
  5. Oak Bay                    30
  6. Grand Central           24
  7. Esquimalt                23
  8. Far Out                     16
  9. Nearby                      5

Important change in Neighbourhood Group scoring

In working with Max Serpa in developing the EcoGames website, Max convinced us that the fairest way to calculate the Neighbourhood Group (NG) scores is to divide the total points won by the team by the number of EcoGames players on the team. Previously we divided the total by the total population of the entire NG, whether they were EcoGames participants or not. This has resulted in some changes in the Neighbourhood Group leaderboard.

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