Fifth Street Quintet

Fifth Street Quintet’s five members met at the University of Victoria’s School of Music and formed the group out of a desire to make music together and continue growing as artists. They were inspired by a cappella powerhouses such as Pentatonix, The Real Group and M-Pact, Fifth Street combines the worlds of pop, jazz and R&B in five-part harmony.

Soprano Natasha Penfield can hit the high notes described as “ethereal.” She rounds off the top harmonies in Fifth Street’s vocal versatility thanks to her passion across musical genres – as well as her years of study in musical theatre, classical, and contemporary music. .

Alto Jilaine Orton is both a professional vocalist and music educator, whose voice brings a unique warmth to Fifth Street’s sound. She spearheads the quintet’s educational clinics, where her expertise as a performer and teacher shines as an invaluable asset to the ensemble.

Tenor Ryan Narciso has performed around the world with award-winning musicians such as Tori Kelly and Jed Madela. As a singer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist his Youtube cover songs have garnered millions of views.

Kenji Lee performs as Fifth Street’s beatboxer and also frequently sings with the quintet as a baritone and bass. Kenji is a prolific arranger who finds inspiration in fusing current popular music with both jazz and electronic dance.

Bass Taylor Caswell trained as a vocalist, pianist and bassist from childhood Influenced by a variety of musical styles including pop, jazz, and musical theatre he occasionally does arranging for the group.


Sunday Services

Join us online at 10:15 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. Send an email after 9 a.m. Sunday to obtain the entry code. You can connect by phone or online.