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If you can get to Royal Oak Transit Exchange by 10:00 am on Sunday, a free taxi ride can get you to Church in time for the 10:30 am service.  If you live on the #6, #31, or #72 bus route, and can ride a bus, it should work for you.  If the bus doesn’t work for you how about biking (there are bike racks at Royal Oak Exchange) or walking to the Royal Oak Exchange?

How does it work?

Get yourself to Royal Oak Transit Exchange by 10:00 am and walk to Bus Bay D at the North West corner of Royal Oak Dr. and Elk Lake Dr. Check the map here.

At 10:05 am a taxi will take you to the Church.  A volunteer will remain on site until 10:10 am in case of late arrivals.  The taxi is free to riders and is paid for by the Location Task Force from the Ruth Humphreys Innovation Fund.

After the service a taxi will leave from the main entrance of the Church at 12:15 pm to deliver you back to Royal Oak Exchange.  Please be ready at the entrance by about 12:10 pm.

If you have questions please email