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To help fund our operating budget for 2023 we need pledges of at least $325,000. Please keep in mind that some people have moved away, and others have changed circumstances, so we each need to examine our own situation and pledge as much as we are able. Our generosity will help ensure success in 2023.

For more detailed ABC Information and to access the hard copy pledge form, please click on the links below:
Letter to Congregation for ABC 2023
Rationale for 10% increase

Pledge form 2023

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Dear Members and Friends:

Who knew that when COVID restrictions started, two and a half years ago, we would evolve to meet both in person and online … and still feel connected!  Think about all that we have continued to achieve:

  • Quality Zoom and in person services led by our Ministers
  • Children’s Programs continued – also in person and online
  • Attendance at Sunday services has been maintained, and we have reached many outside of the Greater Victoria area
  • Amplify UU has transformed our space and accessibility
  • OWL, an award-winning program on human sexuality for children, has returned this fall
  • Music rose to the occasion and “The Choir Kept on Singing”
  • Our property team dealt with several major repairs, and maintained our annual rental income
  • We have updated the FUCV website for greater accessibility
  • We’ve held three record breaking online auctions
  • We’ve adapted groups such as Soul Matters, Zoom Sing, Beloved Conversations, Anxiety and Depression Support Group, Pub Night 
  • We sponsored and welcomed additional members of the previously sponsored refugee family, and they have set down roots
  • We funded the installation of solar panels on the church roof that are actively generating electricity
  • We have adopted the 8th Principle and continued our anti-racism education and awareness
  • We have maintained a sound financial position.

To help fund our operating budget for 2023 we need pledges of at least $325,000.  Please keep in mind that some people have moved away, and others have changed circumstances, so we each need to examine our own situation and pledge as much as we are able.  Our generosity will help ensure success in 2023.

A Message from Reverend Shana

Dear Congregation,

What a time it has been! We have weathered so much change and uncertainty, and it is not yet past. Much in the life of our congregation remains in flux. We don’t yet know what will be next—what will come back to some semblance of what it once was, and what will never be the same. We only know that we will need to continue to adapt and change. We know that in order to continue to exist into the future we will need foresight and planning, openness to change and steadfast commitment to our principles. We know that we will need resources for the journey ahead. Resources of all kinds—time and efforts of volunteers, music and worship and ritual to mark the moments of our lives, and a place to gather where we can celebrate and mourn.  One of those resources is the financial generosity of this community. Each year we ask you to reflect on what this place and these people mean to you. We ask you to think about the ways the church is a touchstone, a grounding element in your life amidst all of the tumult and chaos, injustice and collapsing climate. We then invite you to give—to pledge as generously as you can to sustain our congregation.

Throughout the pandemic we have discovered just how resilient we are. Attendance has remained constant, steady and in high numbers. We have also seen how fragile life can be and how much our congregation is under stress in order to continue. Our insurance costs have nearly doubled, and fall flooding led to unexpected maintenance costs. We are a vibrant congress and we are vulnerable. We need your pledges to strengthen the fabric that holds us together.

In the back of the grey hymnal there is a poem from Denise Levertov that concludes with these lines, “We have only begun to know the power that is in us if we would join our solitudes in the communion of struggle. So much is unfolding that must complete its gesture, so much is in bud.” May our pledges for 2023 help to grow what is in bud among us. May the unfolding continue, and may it enliven and enrich our lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Rev. Shana


Board Minutes

Recruiting Worship Associates

We are recruiting for Worship Associates. Do you have some stories to tell, like writing? good at organizing and responsible follow-through? comfortable in public?  Would you like to help us co-create worship services? 

Mandatory training and monthly meetings with the team. Two or three-year terms. 
Click here to apply, and for more information.


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Property Fund

Help take care of our buildings and grounds. Join the Property Fund by credit card.

Neighbourhood Groups

Get to know your neighbours in the congregation and join a Neighbourhood Group. And visit Victoria Unitarian’s Facebook Page and our members’ Facebook.


There is a well-stocked library of about two thousand books on a variety of subjects of interest to Unitarian Universalists. Books on all aspects of religion, including world religions, are available as well as books on philosophy, psychology, the environment, social justice issues, literature, biographies and history.

Legacy Fund

You can help secure, strengthen, and extend the long-term survival and mission of our congregation by leaving a legacy to First Unitarian – it won’t cost you a dime! – or First Unitarian Church of Victoria Foundation.

The purposes of the First Unitarian Church of Victoria are:

  1. to promote Unitarianism in the area of Greater Victoria;
  2. to teach the Unitarian Principles to members, youth, children and the public at large and to encourage community participation that reflects these Principles;
  3. to act in furtherance of these Principles and to cooperate with like-minded individuals and organizations in the furtherance of these Principles and on mutual concerns for the benefit of the community on Vancouver Island, in Canada and in the world
  4. to provide a place of worship, contemplation, discernment, music, celebration, fellowship and meeting for Unitarians and others.

The Covenant of Good Relations is a guide for respectful communication and ethical behavior in our congregational activities. It provides a framework for putting our seven Unitarian Universalist Principles into practice.
Each of us will take responsibility for our personal well-being and show generosity of spirit to others’ needs and contributions.
Together we will strive to create a healthy spiritual community in which the contribution of each person is valued.
We will be welcoming to all members, friends of the congregation, children and youth regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation or age, and participate in congregational life with enthusiasm and joy.
We believe in participatory decision-making and respect the outcome of this democratic process. Covenant of Good Relations

View the Policy Manual.

Defibrillator (AED)

The Church has an automated external defibrillator (AED) located in the foyer just outside the double doors to the Sanctuary. Here is a 4-minute training video on using the defibrillator.

Sunday Services

Join us online at 10:30 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. Send an email after 9 a.m. Sunday to obtain the entry code. You can connect by phone or online.