Property Uses and Limitations

Property Uses and Limitations

Location Task Force,

prepared by Shirley Travis, 

Feb 07, 2019

This report has been prepared to inform our congregation about issues concerning the use of our property and limitations to that use.  In order to move forward with decisions on use and location, we should know where we are.  Topics covered are use and limitations, current and future maintenance costs, and existing contracts.

1.  Property uses and limitations 

Our property is included in the 2007 Rural Saanich Local Area Plan, which can be read online at  A new area plan process has started, but it may be 5 years before we are surveyed for the 12-part update.

  • We are part of the advisory area, Prospect Lake.
  • We know:  

We are Rural Saanich (1 of 12 districts)

We are not in the ALR, 

We are zoned ‘Institutional’ by Saanich definition, Map 11.2 of General Plan. 

Our single residence is limited in square footage.

  • Saanich’s Active Transportation Master Plan indicates that we are outside the urban growth area, therefore are not high on the list of improvements. 
  • Tod Creek Action Plan is separate, but affects the neighbourhood.                 or

  We are on a ‘major greenway’ with in rural Saanich, but have not registered a significant tree nor heritage building. This is good as they require reporting and include restrictions.

  We are close to the ‘trail network’ which may be of interest to church members. Might we connect?

  Our zoning is Rural Zoning – P1A – This basically allows day use and one residence, limited to 400 square meters. Regarding day use, our ‘Purposes’ (Registered provincially and federally) should cover small questions such as CISV lease.  See Maps 13.1 of the Local Area Plan above.

  Map 16.1 of above document – Streamside development permit and map shows we are not on the map. Good, although we are good stewards of our seasonal stream, we are not monitored.

  • Utilities and private servicing. We are part of the Prospect Lake Feed area. The well use is approx. 500 gallons/day and we use well below its maximum. Our two septic fields would be maximized with any moderate change and Allan Dakin believes there is an option for a third field. Local cost estimates are no less than $30,000 and probably higher for approved systems. 

2. Current and projected future maintenance costs

  • We have a planned maintenance projection until 2033 and are up to date in 2019.
  • Grace Mersereau Fund will provide a second heat pump
  • There is a $25000 – $30000 yearly maintenance expenditure, covered by our budget and Property Fund.

  The only extended future issues beyond the yearly maintenance might be roof and windows, however these are in good condition and do not currently present a concern.

• On the title to our property, there are covenants, rights of way, and priority agreements which have been searched and may be viewed in the church office. There is an easement which can be seen on the plan in Schedule A.  Our mortgage has been renewed in favour of Coast Capital.


Thanks to Pam Hartling, Planner with Saanich, who gave us much information and stated we are probably 5 years away from another District Plan Survey.  

Applications for ‘commercial zoning’ (example; storage lockers) would need to be made for any public offering of our space. We can however use such space for members.

Further conversation indicated efficiencies of costs, along with the zoning applications, are large restrictions on most faith-based housing projects. 

From my research, it appears there is a strong pubic will to keep Rural Saanich, rural.