Refugee Sponsorship Program

Application submitted in support of second refugee family  

After considering a number of factors and options, the Refugee Committee recommended, and the Board has approved, that we sponsor a family of three: Khaled’s father, mother and 16 year old brother. Mohammad and Fatemah (the parents) and Abdulrahman fled from Syria at the same time as Khaled and Raweah (2012), and are UN registered refugees currently living in Jordan.

Mohammad owned his own construction business in Syria, specializing in aluminum frame windows. He did contracting in other Middle Eastern countries, and speaks some English. His son is studying English, has trained as a barber and is working evenings to help support the family.

Members of the FUCV and Capital congregations have donated the required $30,000 to support our sponsorship application to the government of Canada.  It was submitted in September, 2019, and we await further news.

FUCV expects a period of up to one year before the family arrives in Victoria.

Please contact Kristina Stevens through our general office if you’d like to volunteer and join us in reuniting this refugee family