Refugee Sponsorship Program

The New Year is happily bringing a number of ‘starts’ for Khaled, Raweah, their four year-old daughter, Wasan, and six year-old son, Mohammad.

After a visit to the Crystal Pool in December for an initial swim, the family acquired a Fitness Pass to the facility for the 2019 year. Khaled and the children thoroughly enjoyed their first dip and Raweah watched from the side.

Kindergarten for Mohammad is going well – he’s enjoying himself and especially happy to get home and ride the bicycle the church has provided. Wasan, is learning to ride and loves her PINK bike that was donated to the family. Kindergarten is on her horizon in September.

On the ESL side, Khaled and Raweah have been very pleased to start regular studies. Khaled has 4-hour classes, Monday to Friday, at the Interurban campus of Camosun college and Raweah’s course is 6 hours per week at the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society.  Wasan joins her at the centre in a children’s program.

Mohammad and Wasan succumbed to a cough and a bit of a fever in January so flu vaccinations and a general medical check-up for the children will be arranged.

Khaled has also been keen to find work.  Through a member of the Unitarian community, he has made contact with a house owner doing a major renovation and expects to work on call. For now, he will take the bus to the work site after his ESL classes.

Busy times for the family as they settle into their fourth month in Victoria.


If you wish to help sponsor you may use your credit card 
 (indicate Refugee Fund). You will receive a tax receipt.

We understand that many of our members and friends are not in a position to contribute financially. If you wish instead to contribute time and talent, please explore the options by emailing Kristina Stevens (phone 250-595-5949)  or emailing Susan Layng (phone 250-370-2247).