Refugee Sponsorship Program

Their first Winter in Canada has been going well for Khaled and Raweah, and their son and daughter Mohammad and Wasan. While the parents have been busy with language education and employment, Mohammad continues at school and Wasan looks forward to starting kindergarten in the Fall.
Raweah has moved into beginner level ESL classes at the Inter-Cultural Association of Victoria which also offers daycare. Khaled, meanwhile, continues his part-time work at a private home job site and has expanded his hours to four half-days per week plus all day Saturday. His boss expects to have work throughout April for him and, with the ability to work independently at a skilled level, his employer says Khaled “is an asset.”
As the parents and children have not had access to dental care for many years since fleeing Syria, they require extensive dental work. Khaled and Raweah’s services are very kindly being provided pro bono by two Victoria dentists while the children’s work will be covered by donations made to the Refugee Fund by the Unitarian community. Mariko and Andy are co-ordinating these visits and will be helped by volunteers.
On the entertainment side, Claire arranged a visit for the family to Beacon Hill park on Sunday in the company of another Syrian family. The children enjoyed the playground and riding their bikes then visited the petting zoo. The goats were a big hit and the adults were pleasantly surprised to see the Jacob sheep which originated from Syria. Everyone enjoyed meeting and chatting.

If you wish to help sponsor you may use your credit card 

 (indicate Refugee Fund). You will receive a tax receipt.

We understand that many of our members and friends are not in a position to contribute financially. If you wish instead to contribute time and talent, please explore the options by emailing Kristina Stevens (phone 250-595-5949)  or emailing Susan Layng (phone 250-370-2247).