Children’s Covenant

At the First Unitarian Church of Victoria, whenever we are at the church or on it’s grounds, we use our Seven Principles to guide our behaviour. Please read the following promises with your child.

  1. We believe that each person is a gift.Children's Covenant (3)

Everybody brings something special to our group, including me. I will give activities offered a try and contribute when I can.

  1. We believe that all people should be treated fairly and kindly.

I will share or pass when it is my turn; I will listen and wait during others’ turns. I will appreciate and respect other’s contributions.

  1. We believe in supporting one another on our spiritual journeys.

My leader has made an effort to come, and I will too. My friends are welcome. I will let them know about our covenant. I will include everyone in activities and planning.

  1. We believe people must be free to search responsibly for their own truth and meaning.

There are times to co-operate and times to work independently. I will use gentle respectful language.

  1. We believe that each person should have a vote for what concerns them.

I will share my ideas constructively and politely, and listen respectfully to my friends’ ideas.

  1. We believe in working for a peaceful, fair, and free world.

I’ll do my best to get along with others. If I am sad or mad, I will state my feelings and listen to the feelings of my friend. We will work together to find a solution that makes everyone feel good. I will ask for help from an adult when I need it. I will honour adults and older children who give reminders about behaviour.

  1. We believe in caring for planet Earth, the home we share with all living things.

Our worship spaces are special; I will treat them so. I will be careful indoors and out, with furniture, toys and materials. I will use only what I need. I will help clean up.

We ask children to promise:

Safety is first. I will leave the Children and Youth Program spaces only with permission and appropriate supervision. I will not run indoors or engage in rough play. I will not climb on rooftops or other tall structures.

Parents, we ask you to read our more detailed safety guidelines.