Nurturing Team

Our screened and dedicated Nurturing Team volunteers offer extra support to infants and younger kids (mostly 4 years old and under) who have a hard time being in the sanctuary or in programs so the parent/guardian(s) can participate in the service. If you or your child would benefit from this there are two options:

  • Spend time with your child on a regular basis 
    If your child who needs time to get comfortable with adults or needs regular support you can have a Nurturing Team member to build a relationship and/or work with them on a specific goal, developed with you, (such as becoming comfortable in a program and being able to be there without additional support). Typically the Nurturing Team member would be with the little one a minimum of once a month. In the begining the person may spend time with you and your child until the child is comfortable with them. You must register in advance to be assigned a volunteer.
  • ‘On-call’  
    The on-call Nurturing Team member would be comfortable spending time playing with or comforting a child who is crying in the Lion Lounge or the playground. If you are interested please go to the Lion Lounge and ask if there is a Nurturing Team member available. Note: There is limited availability and no guarantee someone will be available.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email Arran.

Would you like to volunteer on our Nurturing Team?

If you would like to spend a little time with babies and toddlers as part of your spiritual practice please email Arran for information on how to get involved. We are looking for volunteers who are available ‘on-call’ as well as who can make a regular commitment to a child.