Courses & Programs

The Ins and Outs of Social Media at FUCV

February 26th, 12-2 pm in the church sanctuary or on Zoom

Whether you’re on Facebook every day or a total beginner, join Ministerial Intern Reilly Yeo for a look at the ways our church uses social media (and if you’re up for it, learn some ways you can help make it more effective). We’ll take a look at FUCV’s Facebook page, group, and Instagram account to see how our church spreads the word about our work and empowers members to communicate with each other. 

This is a drop-in session that you can attend after the service on Sunday the 26th. Stay tuned to the February e-weekly for information on joining virtually.

Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Film Series

This workshop series is now FULL but the Truth, Healing and Reconciliation UU group (a collaboration between FUCV and Capital Unitarian) hopes to host more discussions in the future.


Session One: The Ransom Economy

March 7, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

In this video produced by the Yellowhead Institute, host Naomi Klein moderates a panel discussion with Indigenous land defenders on the economic analysis and strategies behind the blockades. 

This video can be challenging at times and one of the questions we will consider is

“What do you do when you hear something you disagree with?” i.e. what kinds of spiritual work

might we need to do to be able to remain open and curious.



Session Two: Jordan River Anderson, The Messenger

March 21, 6:30-8:00 p.m. 

Alanis Obomsawin’s remarkable 53rd film documents the story of a young boy forced to spend

all five years of his short life in hospital while the federal and provincial governments argued

over which was responsible for his care, as well as the long struggle of Indigenous activists to

force the Canadian government to enforce “Jordan’s Principle” — the promise that no First

Nations children would experience inequitable access to government-funded services again. 


Further Reading:

Read about the federal government’s decade long battle to avoid paying equivalent to

provincial funding for child welfare services for children on reserves.



Session Three: SGaawaay K’uuna (Edge of The Knife)

April 4, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

This is a film that is spoken entirely In Haida, and an allegory about the experience of colonization for the Haida peoples. We will be discussing the current state and the value of language revitalization efforts.



Session Four: Gender and Identity

April 18, 6:30-8:00 p.m. The Indian Act Explained

Since 1876, the Indian Act has structured the relationship between Canada and Indigenous

Peoples with profound repercussions. And though the act is well known, its detailed contents

may not be. The Agenda welcomes Bob Joseph, founder of Indigenous Corporate Training, a

firm specializing in cultural relations instruction, to discuss his book, “Things You May Not

Know About the Indian Act: Helping Canadians Make Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples a



Mary Two-Axe Earley: I Am Indian Again 

This films shares the powerful story of Mary Two-Axe Earley, who fought for more than two

decades to challenge sex discrimination against First Nations women embedded in Canada’s

Indian Act and became a key figure in Canada’s women’s rights movement.

Exploring UU and Our Congregation

Curious to know more about Unitarian Universalism and what our congregation at First Unitarian is up to in Victoria?

 NEXT MEETING:  To Be Announced
(In-person or Zoom will be announced as we approach the date of the meeting.)

For newcomers, searchers and anyone wanting to learn more, the purpose of these online gatherings are two-fold: to share information about events and activities within our community so that you can discern and decide how to get involved, and to introduce you to some of the history, stories, and theology of Unitarian Universalism so that you have a sense of what is unique about our spiritual community and ways we may be similar to other congregations and communities.

This is also a time to connect with others who are new to exploring this community as well as connecting with Rev. Shana and some members of the congregation. We will outline the pathway to becoming a member or friend of the congregation.

Please contact Reverend Shana Lynngood at or 250-891-6331 with your questions and wonderings.


Upcoming Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) Events

Leaders’ Roundtable on AGM Motions

January 28, 2023

9:00 am to 10:30 am



A motion to revoke the Doctrine of Discovery. A motion to update the CUC’s bylaws. A motion to reimagine goals and strategic priorities for our national faith community. These are three proposed motions for the CUC’s Annual General Meeting in May, held virtually and in-person in Ottawa.

Join Vyda Ng and members of the CUC Board to discuss the motions and other matters related to the AGM.


Register here.


Uncolonizing Democtatic Processes

February 4, 2023

9:30 am to 3:00 pm



Congregations that choose to take up the challenge of actively welcoming greater diversity may need to reconsider some of their long-term practices.  The ways we organize and make community decisions are no exception. Some of our congregations are exploring new approaches. In this workshop, we will explore a few ways they are working to uncolonize their democratic processes.  Participants will be able to choose two of the four streams being offered. 


Visit the Canadian Unitarian Council website for more information.


National Worship Service: Covenanting Through Transitions

February 5, 2023

10:00 am to 11:30 am



Congregations are experiencing a lot of change these days: from ministerial transitions to implementing the 8th Principle, all during a pandemic. Upheaval, loss, uncertainty, pain, aspirations, conflict: cultural shifts within and without are calling us to hold one another gently, despite our differences and difficulties.


Covenanting through Transition is a national worship service that asks us “How do we stay in covenant through all of this in our communities? How do we stay in it in a good way when it is hard and people aren’t always their best selves or are disappointed?”

We encourage you to bring materials to help you participate in a creative ritual to express yourself during the service; art supplies, an instrument, findings from outside, whatever moves you!


Where: Zoom, YouTube Live
Use the bitly link to join the service on Zoom, or watch live on the CUC’s YouTube channel


Sunday Services

Join us at 10:30 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. You can connect by phone or online, or attend in person.