Exploring Membership

Exploring Membership

Are you new to our congregation? Have you just discovered us or are you a Unitarian from elsewhere? 

Would you like to know more?path pic

We know it can be daunting to get to know people when everyone seems to already know everyone. And we know it can be hard to get to know us in the coffee hour. So, if you would like to get to know us better, we hope the steps below will help.

STEP ONE: Drop by the Visitors’ Table near the front of the sanctuary. Ask questions. Fill out a Visitor Welcome form on which you can indicate if you would like to receive the monthly newsletter, weekly electronic mini-newsletter, be connected to your Neighbourhood Group, or have your own name tag.

STEP TWO: Church Orientation

This is a gathering for all newcomers, whether you have just walked through the door or been coming for several months and want to know more about us, whether you eventually become a member, or choose to be a friend of the church. The Orientation provides basic information about our congregation and ways to make connections

If you miss the Orientation, you are still welcome to attend any or all of STEPS THREE AND FOUR below.

STEP THREE: Introduction to Unitarian Universalism

This two-part event is designed to give more in-depth information about UUism. Everyone is welcome to come to this event: those who are not members, new members, or those who have been members for a long time. If you wish to know more about our denomination, this is for you.

STEP FOUR: Exploring Membership – 

These sessions are designed for people new to our congregational community. The focus of these gatherings is two-fold:  sharing information about events and activities within our community so that you can discern and decide how to get involved, and to introduce you to some of the history, stories, and theology of Unitarian Universalism so that you have a sense of what is unique about our spiritual community and ways we may be similar to other congregations and communities. This is also a time to connect with others who are new to exploring this community as well as connecting with Rev. Shana and some members of the congregation. We will outline the pathway to becoming a member or friend of the congregation. Please bring your questions and wonderings. Any questions or to sign up so that we can provide a light lunch and childminding for those who need it, contact Rev. Shana at rev.shana@victoriaunitarian.ca or 250-891-6331. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you!

STEP FIVE:  Application for Membership. Fill out the application found in the membership packet. Submit the application and a financial pledge or contribution to the office. Your name will be read into the membership records at the next board meeting. Voting privileges commence 60 days after and you will be recognized at the next New Member Ceremony.

We are so glad you have found us and we are looking forward to getting to know you.