About the EcoGames

What are the EcoGames?

This fun program consists of a series of challenges, each of which earns you a gold (5 points), silver (3 points), or bronze (1 point) medal. When you win a medal, it counts toward the total points for your Neighbourhood Group! It’s open to all church members, friends, visitors, and staff. 

We are also excited to announce that Vancity Credit Union is now a sponsor of the EcoGames!
The Vancity Mount Tolmie Community Branch awarded us a Community Branch Partnership Grant. Sarah McCormick of Vancity wrote:

“The members of our Branch Granting Team were very pleased with your alignment to the Vancity vision of taking action towards a more sustainable future. We are excited that you will be doing this through education and some fun, friendly competition!”

Why EcoGames?

While many of us wait impatiently for governments and corporations to take action on the climate and ecological emergency, we as individuals can take action now. A recent study shows that, “Through their consumption behavior, households are responsible for 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions.” We can demonstrate to our leaders that we are ready to take action.

What are some examples of EcoGames challenges?

  • Planting trees or keeping an organic veggie garden earns you a gold medal. 🥇
  • Walking or biking to work or school earns you a silver. 🥈
  • Switching to an electronic version of the Church Newsletter and Annual Report earns a bronze. 🥉

How have the medals been determined for each challenge?

The Environmental Action Team (EAT) and the One Planet Saanich Team have collaborated on it, with advice from the Sustainability Planners at the District of Saanich, the One Planet Saanich Leaders, as well as recent studies.

So far the total points earned are 2,008.

Challenges were evaluated based on two factors:

1. Their effectiveness at addressing our climate and ecological emergency.

2. The level of difficulty or commitment required of the challenge.


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