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Remote office hours and responsibilities during this of COVID-19 pandemic. Phone: 250-744-2665

Niki’s Remote Office Hours
Sunday 9-1
Monday 9-3
Tuesday 9-1
Wednesday 9-1
Thursday 12-4

Shannon’s Remote Office Hours
Tuesdays thru Thursday 10am-4pm
If you have question about? Contact:
Website Church Calendar (originates from the Breeze database) Shannon or Niki
Scheduling a church meeting on the Zoom account  Shannon 
Emergency access to church buildings Niki or Bradley Clarke
Access to church building  Lockbox – John Tiffany 
Access to worship online  Niki
Cheque requisitions related to office expenses  Niki
Database (updating member info, etc)  Shannon or Niki
Processing Member, Friend, Visitor Applications  Shannon
Church event support Shannon and Niki


Shannon, Communications Niki, Administrator
Maintaining Church calendar Maintaining Church Calendar
Scheduling zoom meetings Scheduling zoom meetings
Order of service/ slide production All software/office admin related upgrades
Church database entries (membership info, etc) Church Rentals
Managing Church Social Media platforms Cheque Requisitions related to office expenses
Processing Member, Friend, Visitor Applications Church Event Support
Updating website  Ordering Office supplies
Church Event Support i.e. printing posters Auction Supervising Property Maint. Comm. Assistant
Flyer, Brochure design for internal use Managing Custodians
Newsletter printing and prep for mail-out Liaison for Board Members