SPACE Schedule

Our SPACE Program is meeting online for the 2020-21 year. You can join the meeting here:

Meeting time noon till 1 pm on the following dates:


January 10: Shades of People

Join us for our first session in our anti-racism curriculum. During this session, kids will have an opportunity to notice shades of their skin, appreciate all skin colours and get comfortable with discussing the differences they notice. We will use stories, drawing and activities to deepen our learning.

January 17: My Family, My Home, My Identity

Join us as we discuss and learn about how everyone has multiple identities. We will use stories, drawing activities, and games to appreciate these identities, and understand that it might be a big loss if someone tried to deny one of our identities.

January 24: My Church, My Beliefs

This session focuses on the fourth principle of growing in our “ongoing search for truth and meaning” by emphasizing the truth of respecting the dignity and worth of all people. We will also explore the concepts of “black lives matter”, why our faith supports “black lives matter” and the meaning behind it. We will use stories, songs and crafts to help us learn and open up new perspectives.

February 7: My City, My Community, My World

In this session, we will bring awareness to negative or harmful attitudes that have resulted in unfairness, frequently based only on shades of skin. We will learn through stories, and discuss how throughout history and currently, people of different shades are hurt and treated without respect. Highlighted is the principle of “belief in our ideas and act on them” through justice.

February 14: Looking at Other

Join us for this session as we reflect on the possible tendency for human nature to make judgments or conclusions based on what a person looks like. We will discuss how certainly skin color/shade is a variable in this process, along with a person’s ability, life’s work, wealth etc. This session ties into the principle of respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person as well as our continued search for truth and meaning.

February 21: Empathy

Join us for this session as we discuss empathy and ponder the question: can I imagine what someone else might be feeling, even if they are different from me? We will read the story “What is Given From the Heart”, and will practice empathy by hearing scenarios and suggesting what the characters might be feeling and what could be said to them in a caring way.

March 7: What Are the Possibilities

Join us for this session as we continue to explore the value of greater learning about one another and valuing uniqueness.  We will read stories, play games and open up discussions to learn that simply seeing or observing another person is not enough to build a relationship, and the inherent worth of a person/s is truly known by getting to know them.

March 14: Looking At Freedom

Join us for this lesson on racial justice which will bring awareness to the importance of freedom for everyone. The concept of white privilege is further explored with regards to freedom and rights, and the restrictions and discrimination that have been imposed on others.

March 21 – 28: Spring Break – No Program

*** April 4: Special All Ages Party – No program ***

April 11Residential Schools 

Join us for this session as we dive into the history of residential schools in Canada. Through stories, discussions, and games, we will unravel the truth behind what happened here on our soil, and how the effects of it continue to play out now.

April 18Is Canada Racist?

Join us for this session where we will be learning about racism in Canada throughout history. We will relate it to the stories we have learned of racism in the United States and discuss how racism still exists here in Canada today. Through stories, songs, discussions, and games we will continue our search for the truth together.

April 25Does It Matter What It Is Called? (Historical monuments/street names, etc)

Join us for this session where we will learn about the historical monuments, street names, and other forms of racism that still exist here in Victoria right under our nose! We will use games and stories to learn about the true roots of these historical figures & names and continue to deepen our understanding of racism in Canada and the world.

Sunday Services

Join us online at 10:15 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. Send an email after 9 a.m. Sunday to obtain the entry code. You can connect by phone or online.