Social Justice Storytime

Routine and connection are vital as we all move through these times. With that in mind, we are offering a weekly UU Social Justice Storytime For All Ages where newborns to the elderly and everyone in between can light a chalice, breathe, and enjoy a social justice themed picture book.


1. Light our chalices together (if you have one)

2. Take three deep, centering breaths together

3. Lindsay (or guest*) will read a social justice themed picture book. While they are reading, you’re encouraged to type your reactions on the chat thread in Zoom.

4. Take three deep, centering breaths together

5. Extinguish our chalices together

Tips: click on the “gallery” setting so we can see each other’s faces, and have your microphone muted if you are not talking.

* We know that so many folks have wonderful picture books to share, and you are highly encouraged to take on the reading.

Saturday mornings at 8.30 am (approx 15 mins)

Join us online: and if you have any trouble please email

Social Justice Storytime and BC Curriculum

There are many connections between Social Justice Storytime and the BC Curriculum. Across all grades, as both readers and listeners, participating youth are practicing engaged, critical literacies, building connections with intergenerational communities, and  learning how to access library services.

If you or your child would like to have their participation in Social Justice Storytime considered as a contribution to their school-based (or home-school-based) learning please download this letter to provide your teacher. Some, though certainly not all of the specific curriculum competencies are arranged by grade level and listed at the end of this letter. If you would like a personalized letter that details the specifics of your/your child’s involvement, please email

See some of the stories we have read so far