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Make Meaningful Connections, Talking About Things That Matter

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This Fall we are launching 3 new “Soul Matters” theme groups. Each group of 8 to 10 people will meet once a month to listen to one another’s experiences and ponderings related to each month’s theme. Group members will be given thought-provoking resources to explore and intriguing practices to try out in advance of each monthly gathering. Groups run the whole ‘Church year’ – September (one starts in October) 2019 through June 2020 – 9 to 10 sessions in all. 

These are not ‘drop in’ groups – a full commitment to the program is required to make the experience as rich as possible for everyone in the group. (Of course, some people may have to miss one or two sessions due to unforeseen illness and the like.) People who have attended all of their group gatherings and who have engaged deeply with the at home material have found the program deeply enriching – they report it makes a difference in their daily lives, while also helping them grow in their understanding of big-picture ethical, spiritual, and personal issues.      

Reserve a spot in the group of your choice by contacting Rev. Melora (email or text or phone 250-891-6330). If emailing, please put ‘Soul Matters Group’ in subject heading. The schedule is in the process of taking shape. Check the e-weekly for updates.