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The Environmental Action Team (EAT) wants your feedback on FUCV’s One Planet Saanich Action Plan.

Please be kind and take 10 minutes to complete this online survey. Click HERE to take the Survey!

The questions on this survey pertain to near- to long-term future plans for the church, hopefully when the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us.

What is One Planet Saanich?

In the fall of 2018, our church joined the One Planet Saanich (OPS) initiative. Saanich is one of four cities in the world chosen to participate, the others being Oxfordshire, UK; Durban, South Africa; and Elsinore, Denmark. The mission: to move towards a greener, healthier future where everyone enjoys a good quality of life within the limits of the planet.

Our Action Plan for One Planet Living

FUCV’s Environmental Action Team (EAT) has been working with the OPS staff and integrators, the District of Saanich, plus dozens of local resource people who have inspired us and guided us to develop an action plan unique to our church. In fact, our church was the first faith community to join any of the four One Planet Cities. Belonging to OPS has been good outreach for our congregation and has helped us become better connected with local experts and leaders.

Why a Survey?

After taking over a year to build a draft OPS Action Plan, we then needed to get input from our congregation to get their feedback. To that end, we held an OPS Action Plan Focus Group Workshop on March 7 with 13 invitees, followed up with a Zoom meeting on April 15. We listened to what these participants said and incorporated their feedback into our plan. Now we’d like to hear from you!

 What is covered in the survey?

Our Action Plan attempts to address the 10 Principles of One Planet Living, which are listed on this chart. The different questions in the survey pertain to one or more of these Principles. Some actions in our Plan are already completed (e.g., installation of two EV chargers and energy efficient light bulbs in the church buildings) and others are in progress (e.g., the EcoGames). 


The only mandatory field in this online survey is your email address. This identification is only to ensure that we don’t receive duplicate submissions. Please note that your email address will NOT be associated with your responses. We will only receive aggregated data (e.g., the percentage of people who chose each response to a question). So, please be honest; we are looking forward to hearing what you think!

Click HERE to take the Survey!