Curious About Us?

We’d love you to visit. Sunday services start at 10:30 a.m., and last about an hour and a quarter.  Everyone’s welcome. (Sometimes the parking lot’s crowded, so come early to find a good space.)

Most dress casually.

Victoria Unitarian, across from the Red Barn Market at 5575 West Saanich Rd, (map here) consists of two buildings – the main sanctuary building, and the ‘farmhouse’ to the north of the sanctuary.  The main entrance is at the ‘back’ – on the east side – of the large, main building.

ministers greetingGreeters at the door will provide a name tag if you wish and will happily answer any of your questions about the congregation. Ushers at the sanctuary door provide copies of the Sunday service program. Sit wherever you like. Often a choir will sing some centring music before the service begins.

A fairly typical ‘Protestant-type’ format, the Sunday service features bits of speaking interspersed with music and singing. Partway through the service those attending are invited, if they wish, to come forward and silently light a candle of hope or remembrance. A collection is taken during the service, half of the proceeds go to an announced charity – what we call ‘share the plate.’ Contributions are voluntary.

After the service please stay for coffee. At that time you’re invited to stop by the visitors’ table hosted by friendly members. Sign up for our newsletter or other available material.

Periodically after a Sunday service we provide an orientation in a small-group setting to talk about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation. Information is available at the visitors’ table. You may also email Reverend Melora Lynngood for details or to sign-up.

We welcome those who identify with Atheism and Agnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Humanism, Judaism, Earth-Centered Traditions, Hinduism, Islam, and more, by embodying a vision “beyond belief:” a vision of peace, love, and understanding. And if you’re ‘none of the above’ we still heartedly welcome you.

What unites us amidst all this diversity is a commitment to shared values expressed in our seven principles  – most notably our first principle “to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person” and our seventh principle “to respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”  We believe in treating all people, and the earth we share, with compassion and respect.