Spirited Jazz Vespers

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Spirited Jazz Vespers Services 

are a once monthly, Sunday evening at 7 pm, September to June offering, featuring top jazz groups from Greater Victoria and further afield. The Reverend Shana guides us through the music with a splash of spirituality.
Each hour-long Spirited Jazz Vespers is nurtured and sustained by donations at the door with much appreciation for your support of live jazz…

Sunday, January 13th, 7 pm


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Sunday, Feb. 17th, 7 pm

Featuring: Gord Clements saxophone & bass clarinet, Olivier Clements trumpet & flugelhorn, Bruce Meikle string bass, Rob Cheramy guitar 

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Sunday, March 10th, 7 pm

 Featuring: Edi Daponte, vocals; Karel Roessingh, piano; Joey Smith, guitar; Damian Graham, drums

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Sunday April 28, 7 pm

Featuring:Tony Genge, Hammond B-3 Organ; Jon Miller, drums; Rob Cheramy, guitar; Monik Nordine, saxophone

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Sunday May 26, 7pm

Featuring: John Lee, piano; Brock Meades, bass; Graham Villette, drums

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Sunday, June 16, 7 pm – 5th Anniversary Special

      Featuring: David Vest, piano and vocals; Ryan Tandy, bass; Tom Bowler, guitar;                      Damian Graham, drums

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