Spirited Jazz Vespers

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Invite your friends to join you for Spirited Jazz Vespers

Spirited Jazz Vespers Services

are a once monthly, Sunday evening 7 pm, September to June offering, featuring top jazz groups from Greater Victoria and further afield. The Reverend Shana guides us through the music with a splash of spirituality.
Each hour-long Spirited Jazz Vespers is nurtured and sustained by donations at the door with much appreciation for your support of live jazz….

Jazz Vespers for Sunday, September 27 at 7 pm 

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Jazz Vespers for Sunday, October 25 at 7 pm 

Outstanding!!! This new addition to Victoria’s music scene shows how a cappella perfect 5-part harmony, percussive accents and infectious swing can define jazz in the traditions of Manhattan Transfer, Pentatonix and Lambert Hendrix and Ross. Click here for more information.

Roster:  Natasha Penfield, Jilaine Orton, Ryan Narciso, Kenji Lee and Taylor Caswell

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Sunday, November 29 at 7 pm, 2020 

Witty lyrics on her originals, clever covers, wispy and romantic with a voice that is at once both innocent and sultry, Angela exudes playfulness and passion that takes audiences on a journey to their own memories of love, excitement and longing, all with a stage presence that surpasses her contemporaries. …every song becomes a story.

Roster: Angela Verbrugge, vocals; Tony Genge, keyboard; Louis Rudner, bass; and John Lee, drums. 

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