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January 28, 2018

Resisting Change

Ministerial Intern Christopher Wulff and Worship Associate Larry Boldt –

Our Unitarian Universalist communities are always walking the fine line between adopting change that keeps us relevant and maintaining the traditions that make us who we are.

Often our youth and young adults are great examples of holding that tension loosely. So why do some of them echo Star Trek’s Borg in saying “resistance is futile” when talking about finding their adult home in a UU community?

When are we resisting change and when are we upholding tradition?

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January 21, 2018

Living the Life You Have

Rev. Shana Lynngood and Worship Associate Oliver Belisle –

One aspect of resistance we may not frequently consider are the aspects of ourselves and our lives that we resist.

How different would our lives be if more often we were able to enjoy or embrace what is?

What is the “path of least resistance” when it comes to going with the ups and downs of life rather than actively working against them?

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January 14, 2018

The Power of Coalition

Rev. Melora Lynngood & Friends and Worship Associate Dan Klimke –

What issues most concern and affect you and your family?

What if others in the wider Victoria area share similar concerns and struggles?

How might we act together to affect real change in our local communities?

A week from today, on Sunday, January 21, our congregation will vote on whether to become paying members of GVAT, Greater Victoria Acting Together. In this service, we examine what GVAT is, what they do, and the unique relational model of community organizing for social change upon which GVAT is based.

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January 7, 2018

Standing Up and Speaking Out

Rev. Shana Lynngood and Worship Associate Shelley Motz –

What can we learn from the #metoo movement and other powerful examples of collective action for change?

We begin our exploration of the monthly theme Resistance and 2018 by looking at one of the first aspects that leaps to mind of the word “resistance”.

How do we resist the systems and structures in our world that hold so many down? What does it look like to resist what is and advocate for new ways of being?

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December 31, 2017

Here and Now: A Reflection on Time

Oliver Belisle with Worship Weaver Anna Isaacs –

As a new year approaches, we take a moment to reflect on the nature of time, the joy of presence, and the obstacles that may prevent us from staying connected to the Now.

These topics have been addressed by sages, philosophers, and spiritual teachers for centuries, and in modern times, people like Alan Watts, Ram Das, and Eckhart Tolle have done tremendous work to raise awareness of the present moment.

What can we gain from their work, and how can we apply their insights to our day-to-day lives? 

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December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Vespers

8:00 p.m. – Rev. Shana Lynngood and Worship Weaver Larry Boldt –

This contemplative service will include traditional lessons and carols as well as a contemporary lesson. How will the story of the birth of baby Jesus speak to you this year?

We will offer one another “tidings of comfort and joy” as we lift up our hopes for peace and goodwill to all.

Special music will be offered by Braden and Hilary Young.

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December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Service for All Ages

4:30 pm – Rev. Melora Lynngood with Worship Weaver Shelley Motz –

Unitarian Universalism draws on wisdom from many of the world’s religions.  Join us on Christmas Eve as we reflect on the Christian story of Jesus’ birth and the ways in which we can hear this ancient story anew each December.

This is a service for all ages – bring the kids!  The service will include lots of carols and the traditional candle lighting during “Silent Night.”

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December 17, 2017

Hearing Old Stories in New Ways – An Intergenerational Service

Rev. Shana Lynngood and Faye Mogensen with Worship Weaver Shelley Motz –

We will explore one of the central stories of the season from differing perspectives, focusing especially on the Huron Carol.

Join us for a service full of storytelling and exploration of how we can be present to the many meanings a story stirs within us.

What do we see as modern people? How does a different cultural perspective add to our understanding? How can we be present to old stories in new ways?

This is Faye’s last service with us. Come and wish her a fond farewell!

Children and youth are invited to remain with us for the whole service. 

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December 10, 2017

The Present of Your Presence

Rev. Melora Lynngood with Worship Weaver Oliver Belisle –

Winter holidays can make us frantic with busy-ness, sometimes cranky, sometimes even melancholy. We’re told that the best present is our presence.

How do we sink down into that grounded sense of inner-peace, from which we are able to be our best selves, fully present for others with love, care, and steady calm? 

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December 3, 2017

Transformation – from the barnyard to the wider world

Jan Greenwood with Worship Weaver Dan Klimke –

Jan Greenwood has been a member of several Unitarian Universalist communities and is presently a member of Capital UU in Victoria.  She nurtured the loves of her life, her flock of children, in Victoria then later lived in B.C.’s interior.  She is an avid outdoors person, former nurse, social activist and lover of music.

Join us as she shares some of the ups and downs of her life, such as situations and lessons learned as she grappled with a pivotal moment of her early years which became a lifelong exploration and which prompted a strong sense of what fairness and justice mean. Much later, an invitation to attend a potluck supper led to a welcoming community which enlightened, encouraged choices and solidified the principles she aspired to. 

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