Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT)

Change is needed to achieve justice and create a more equitable world for us all. Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT) is a coalition of member organizations from across Greater Victoria that work together to advocate for issues of common concern together. GVAT currently has over 25 member organizations with over 100,000 members across Greater Victoria, including faith groups, front-line service organizations, unions, student societies and more.

First Unitarian Church of Victoria is a founding member of GVAT, playing a central role in GVAT’s work on housing, mental health and climate change.

The Affordable Housing Action Research Team (AH ART) is committed to tackling the housing crisis in the Capital Regional District. Our purpose is to address the critical housing shortage, including preventing demovictions and renovictions, youth and adult homelessness, and lack of affordable housing for families, seniors, youth, single people, and people with disabilities.

The Mental Health and Addictions Action Research Team (MHAART) is dedicated to tackling the mental health and addictions crises of the Greater Victoria community. Our team is campaigning to improve access to mental health and addiction services, education & prevention. 

The Mental Health and Addiction ART is also working in collaboration with the Affordable Housing ART to destigmatize homelessness in Greater Victoria and to argue that affordable housing is an essential precondition for mental health.

The GVAT Climate Justice Action Research Team (CJ ART) works to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas pollution while enhancing social justice in Greater Victoria and beyond. We recognize that the climate and biodiversity crisis can best be tackled by advancing climate action that creates a more equal world and healthier communities, and respects Indigenous rights.

As an affiliate of the global Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), GVAT works with diverse civil society organizations at the local level, doing broad-based organizing to build capacity for leadership development, citizen-led action and relationships across the lines that often divide our communities. Our ultimate vision is to nurture the growth of varied organizations and relationships that equip families and communities to participate with power in the public decisions that impact their lives.

Sunday Services

Join us at 10:30 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. You can connect by phone or online, or attend in person.