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Current ongoing & scheduled programs

  • Social Justice storytime all ages, online, drop-in
    Saturdays 8:30am
  • Minecraft: Making Waves gr 3-8, online, registration open now
    Oct 9–Nov 27 Saturdays 9:30–11am
  • Soulful Homes weekly parent emails on monthly worship themes
    It’s hard to carve out time for faith-full family experiences, so many of us try to weave spiritual exploration into the routine spaces of family life. Helping parents create this sacred space in their daily lives is what Soulful Home is about. Email dsel@victoriaunitarian.ca to sign up.

kids' story

Children’s story time at Sunday service with Reverend Melora Lynngood

At First Unitarian we explore and learn about spiritual practices in the broadest sense: from world religions to gardening; from meditation to social action; from self-reflection to fellowship and fun.

Our family programming is designed to nurture Unitarian Universalist identity, spiritual growth, transforming faith and vital communities of justice and love. We try to have a wide range of activities that are of interest to all ages. Our community considers religious and spiritual growth to be a lifelong process.

We aim to help nurture the development of:

  • a sense of awe, curiosity and wonder
  • love and respect for self and others
  • acceptance of religious diversity
  • awareness of the interconnectedness of all existence
  • ethical principles
  • a personal set of beliefs
  • a community of friends

We explore:

  • our Unitarian Universalist values, history and traditions
  • our Jewish-Christian heritage
  • world religions
  • personal growth and spirituality
  • social justice and environmental issues

We take actions that contribute to the well-being of: 

  • our church
  • our local community
  • and the world at large