Do we have a dominant theology?

In a recent survey, we asked members what informed their spiritual practice. People were invited to check all that applied.

  • 64% said Humanism (belief that ethics and meaning are based on reason and science);
  • 50% said Mysticism (belief in the connectedness of all things);
  • 49% said Earth-centred spirituality (celebrating the sacred circle of life);
  • 46% said Judeo-Christian .

While humanism was the most frequent choice, it would not be accurate to call it our dominant theology. Most indicated their spiritual practice was informed by more than one source, reflecting an open and diverse theological base.

Members expect, first and foremost, “inspiring religious services and rites of passage” followed by “a friendly open community” and a “safe place for personal and spiritual growth”.

The survey asked why we we attend Sunday Services. We answered it was for a “sense of belonging, celebration of common values,  music, and intellectual stimulation.” As a result, we have a high rate of participation in our choirsNeighbourhood Groups, committees, teams, task forces, and other volunteer functions. Visit our Facebook Page.

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The Congregation of the First Unitarian Church of Victoria:

“Affirms and promotes the participation of all members in all activities and endeavours, including membership, programming, hiring practices and the calling of religious professionals, with regard only to competence and capability but without regard to race, colour, gender, physical or mental challenge, affectional or sexual orientation, age, class, or religious origin.” – Constitution and Bylaws

The Church is a democratic institution, independent but affiliated with the Canadian Unitarian Council and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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