Share the Plate

Share The Plate

The Share the Plate team implements the monthly Share the Plate by which a charity receives half the open collection and the church the other half. 

Members suggest the charities, the Share the Plate team approves and schedules them, and provides support for the proposer to implement the appeal. It is yet another way of turning compassion into action.

If digital forms are a barrier, you can alternatively deliver a printed Share the Plate Request form to the church office


Share the Plate is an ongoing and visible way to support social justice work being done in the wider community. Every Sunday (with a few exceptions), half the collection goes to a designated registered Canadian charity. We support a different charity each month; more than $10,000 annually (approx. -$500 to $1000 per month) is shared through this program upheld by the generosity of the FUCV congregation.

We are asking Unitarian Universalist members and friends to submit suggestions for Share the Plate applicants. It is a great way not only to raise money for your charity, but also awareness and opportunities for service. In doing so, you must be willing and able to:

  • Research the charity prior to recommendation
  • Make contact with the charity once chosen
  • Provide information and materials for an article for the monthly newsletter and E-Weekly
  • Connect with a STP team member (listed below) if you have informational material to display
  • Be present or arrange for someone to be available at the SRC shelf after the service on the first Sunday of the month, and preferably on the other Sundays to answer questions

NOTE: The STP team provides a “buddy” to offer help and advice.

Recipients are chosen with the following guidelines in mind:

  • The organization must be a federally registered charity (i.e. have a charitable number through the CRA). Its work does not have to be restricted to Canada and may occur any place in the world
  • Its work will reflect at least one of the eight Unitarian Universalist principles
  • Research has been done to verify its fiscal responsibility and ability to carry out the project
  • We prefer to work with smaller charities that would most benefit from increased funds and awareness, or a specific initiative of the selected charity
  • During the year we attempt to have a variety of categories of issues, e.g. environmental, poverty, human rights, democracy, drugs, housing, education, etc

If you have further questions please contact one of the following STP team members.

Lynn McKay: 250-886-3747, or Susan Layng: 250-370-2247,

Sunday Services

Join us at 10:30 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. You can connect by phone or online, or attend in person.