Online ‘Plate’ Collection 

We realize these are stressful times in so many ways, including financially. Those of you especially feeling the financial strain of this epidemic should know that the church’s Lifeline project can help make ends meet until federal and provincial assistance is available. 

Please contact Rev. Shana if you need support in making rent, paying for food, or the cost of medications.

For those who can, the church still needs your continued support in this unprecedented time. That’s why we continue to ‘pass the plate’ while the building is closed.

You may still make a Sunday worship donation while we keep our ‘physical distancing’ during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Your generosity can take many forms, as it does when you donate via the collection basket on Sunday mornings when we are together in person. Please indicate how you would like to direct your donation – is it a payment toward your 2020 pledge, intended to be shared with the share-the-plate recipient or  an extra donation to help out in these extraordinary times when our rental income has been almost completely cut off? 

Even though our worship services now have to be online because our building is closed, you may still participate in the Sunday morning collection.

Donate in one of two ways:

Send a cheque made out to First Unitarian Church of Victoria with “pledge” or “unpledged contribution” or “share 50%” or “share 100%” in the memo line. You can do this for a month of plate collections at a time!

Donate via PayPal (this incurs fees which lowers your total donation). Please be sure to note the purpose of your donation.

Click on the button.

(Once you’ve clicked the PayPal button and you have a PayPal account select “Donate with PayPal.” Write a note, if possible, that this is a “virtual plate” donation, or “pledge campaign” or other payment.  

(You can use PayPal without an account and select payment by credit card.. “Add special instructions to the seller” to note if this is a “virtual plate” donation, pledge campaign or other.)