OWL Sexuality Program

In 2018-2019, we will offer Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education for youth. Check back for more details in August.



Experienced OWL leaders look forward to helping your children and youth explore questions about relationships and boundaries in this relevant, age-appropriate, inclusive and interactive program. It is built on four core values:

  • Self worth
  • Sexual Health
  • Responsibility
  • Justice and Inclusivity.

For more information, please email Arran Liddel, or phone 250-744-2695.

The Public Health Agency of Canada confirms that “sexual health is an often overlooked, yet vitally important aspect of an individual’s sense of health and personal wellness.” The Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education (2008) promote a strong educational focus on healthy relationships. Our Whole Lives offers all of this and more. In keeping with the Canadian Guidelines, the OWL curriculum is sensitive to the diverse needs of individuals and maintains an open and non-discriminatory dialogue respecting individual beliefs. It is what experts, educators, parents and students want – click here for more information from the developers of the course or see what wikipedia has to say.