A Refugee and Me

Sabine Lehr, Immigrant Services Manager, Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, with Worship Associate Oliver Belisle —

 Based on her work as manager of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees program at the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, Sabine Lehr will share some personal learnings from her experience. Of her experience and message to us, Sabine says, “The ability to play a small role in addressing the global refugee crisis has been a wonderful gift I have been given. In the face of this crisis, when it is tempting to ask ourselves, ‘Where is God in all of this?’, I hope that we can contemplate together how a crisis of even such magnitude can show us a path to a new purpose in life.”   Donate

Sabine Lehr’s passion is the protection of refugees. In her professional life, she manages the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program at the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria. She also teaches graduate courses in global leadership and humanitarian studies at Royal Roads University. Sabine is a member of the Executive of the Canadian Council for Refugees and a member of the Council of the (Refugee) Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association of Canada.

Sunday Services

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