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David Tietz, David Vest and Lynne Bonner, Worship Associates – 

This month we have been exploring “Stillness.” Solstice and Christmas are behind us and we look forward to a New Year. For some of us, 2020 has felt like a Year of Stillness!

With so many events, festivities and gatherings postponed or reduced, it seems like there has been too much time for reflection, worry and boredom. And yet – is inactivity the same as stillness? For others, demands of work and caring for family seem relentless and 2020 has felt like a year without stillness.

How can the practice of stillness help us let go and lean into a New Year? Join Worship Associates Lynne Bonner, David Vest, and David Tietz as they reflect on stillness in this time of endings and new beginnings.

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