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Rev Melora Lynngood and Arran Liddel, Director of Spiritual Exploration and Learningwith Worship Associate Oliver Belisle – Some say that meaning in life can be found when we allow ourselves to care about others.

When others matter to us, and when we matter to others, we become a part of one another’s stories. We carry one another around in our hearts and minds. This is part of what we do in church community. 

We care for one another. Whether you walked in the door for the first time, or whether you are a dear friend, whether you are 5, 55, or 95, we care about one another’s struggles and delights, we wish one another well. Thus we are knit together in the interdependent web that holds us all. 

In this service for all ages, we explore how we can nurture this web of care with mindful intention.

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