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Reverend Melora Lynngood – One of our priorities as a congregation is making this a welcoming place for everyone who wishes to be here. One of the many things we have considered with that objective in mind, is our name. We began the conversation a year ago with the sermon, “What is in a Name?”(click here for details).   Since then, a congregational consensus seems to have emerged thus: “First” is unnecessary; “Unitarian” is essential; “Victoria” is important; and we are ready to shift from “Church” to “Congregation.”  What is unclear is how we feel about adding the word “Universalist.”  In this month of curiosity, we look into the legacy of Universalism and the various feelings and relationships those among us have to “Universalism,” to “Unitarianism,” and to “Unitarian Universalism.”

With a personal reflection from worship associate Susan Laing.

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